A virtual office is a solution to get a prestigious business address and local phone number in a city you would like to do business. Virtual offices allow companies to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining professional business address, local phone number and so on.
If you are planning start your own business and need to save time and money, Virtual Office is the perfect choice for you. By signing up a lease for a physical office space you are going to spend huge money on security deposit and monthly rentals, utilities, full-time staff salaries and so on. If all you really need is a professional address and local phone number to impress your clients and you can operate your business from a remote location, choose Virtual Office. By getting a virtual office from Spacelance, you can show a Kochi, Bangalore or USA Address, Phone and Fax Number on your business cards, website, Ads, Brochures and so on.
Virtual office is a solution for any type of businesses. However, it is widely used in the world for the following type of businesses:
  • Startups
  • Home-based businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Student entrepreneurs
  • IT firms operated from small towns
  • Manufacturing companies outside of city
Cochin is an upcoming Business City in Kerala, India. Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Renting an office space in a prestigious location in Cochin or Bangalore will be very expensive. Kerala's landscape is best suited to operate business from villages outside city limit. You can operate from home or rent a place near your home. There are many start up companies in Kerala that is operated from home. Also Kerala is a state in India that produces 1000's of engineering graduates every year. Many new graduates are turning to entrepreneurship. Until their business nourishes, they can use virtual office.
Spacelance is operated by professionals having many years of experience in running business in USA and India. We completely understand what your business needs to operate professionally. We are offering reliable services at affordable price.

Spacelance is offering virtual office solutions like professional address, without actually renting an expensive location in prime location like Kochi in Kerala or Indiranagar in Bangalore. We also give several other services like getting a phone number that you can show on your business card or website. Our facilities have all modern facilities.
Spacelance offers virtual office service in Kochi, Kerala and Indiranagar, Bangalore and Kharadi, Pune. We also offer the services in New York, USA. We are soon expanding our services to other major cities in India. Please stay tuned.
After sign up, your virtual office with Spacelance will be ready in less than 1 hour during normal business hours. As soon as you signup, you can login to your account and choose your virtual office address and your dedicated landline number. You can start using your Virtual Address right away. If you opt for call forwarding on your Virtual Phone Number to any other number of your choice, it will be active within an hour. However, if you signup after normal business hours or over a weekend, it may take up to 24 hours before your virtual office is completely active.
Our Mail Handling service helps to manage your letters, couriers, packages arrived at your virtual address. We will forward the mail received at your virtual office address to your preferred location. We will send a notification to you once we receive a letter or package. You can opt one of the following options:

1) You can pick it up from our location

2) We can ship it to your address

3) For normal letters and documents, we can scan it and send it as email attachment.

If you collect it from our location, its free. However, if you want it shipped to your location, you will have to pay the shipping charge. We can scan and email it also. Its free for up to 10 pages per month. After that, we will charge Rs.10 per page.
You can receive up to 10 letters or packages per month free of charge. For additional letters or packages, we will charge Rs. 10 per letter / package.
Yes, we will not accept packages more than 5 Kg of weight or 1 cubic feet size.
You will get a dedicated landline number to choose from our pool of numbers. We will forward the calls received at this number to any preferred phone number of yours. We can also forward the call to Spacelance Live Reception. We can have your companies recorded greeting or IVR menu played before transferring the call.
At present, we do not offer call-forwarding services to International numbers. However, you can opt for calls to be sent to a Voice Mail system and you can then check your Voicemail. We can also send you notifications when a new VoiceMail is received.
There are no hidden costs. We charge you a fixed monthly rental for our services as listed in our Plans and Pricing page. As our services comes with nominal charges, you have to follow FUP (Fair Usage Policy).
Yes, you can directly collect your mail from our office.
No, normally we don't charge for call forwarding if you are under FUP limits. Otherwise, you will have to pay the standard BSNL landline outgoing charges per minute for the call forwarding from Cochin to your location.
Any calls made to your dedicated virtual phone number will be transferred to your preferred number at any time of the day or night. The dedicated phone line will be working 24/7. However, you will have the option to use our Smart Call Handling system to configure it to forward calls only during a particular time of day.
All inbound fax to your virtual fax number will be emailed to you immediately after its received in PDF or TIF format.
Absolutely. We are offering Conference Room, Meeting Room, Training Room, Private Cabins with facilities like WiFi, LCD Projector, Audio/Video Conferencing etc. You can rent it on hourly, daily or weekly basis. Please call us for details. We also offer HD Video Conferencing service in all our locations for corporates.
You can just click Sign up option to start. Select the plan that best suits your current need. You can either 'Start Free Trial' or 'Buy the plan'.
Yes, we take extra care to ensure that all transactions made on our site are 100% secure. The debit card and netbanking payments are all via the trusted CCAvenue gateway and so you have nothing to worry about. You can also make your payments via DD, direct online bank transfer, NEFT or PayPal.
Definitely! You only have to pay the difference. There will also be no administrative charges for upgrading to a higher-priced package. Please call customer service and they will assist you with the upgrade.
We give you a free trial. If you buy the plan after the free trial, you are not eligible for a refund. If you buy the plan without a free trial and if you are unhappy with our service, we will give you a full-refund within 7 days of purchase. This is applicable only for the first time/new customers. If you are renewing the plan, we do not issue a refund. For more information on refund, please refer to our Refund Policy.
No, Spacelance does not provide any kind of lease agreement or written contract in connection with our service. We are offering a virtual office platform for your business. It will help you to work remotely and still create an image of a professional office in the city.
Yes, virtual address can be used for registration purpose. You may be able to open a current account in specific banks for your business using virtual office address.
Yes, make sure you select a plan with reception services. Your Spacelance receptionist can answer your customer calls promptly in your company name. Our highly trained receptionists will handle your calls professionally and confidentially. If needed, your customer call can be transferred to your office or mobile number, anywhere in India.
Even though we have full time reception, we do not encourage customer visits @ our location with out prior schedule. However, in case your customer walks-in to our office, they will be greeted by our professional front office staff. We will let them know that you have an office here.
All your invoices will be available for you online. Your service charges are to be paid in advance. We will send you email notification before the payment due date.
You can directly call our customer care service at: +91 94000 31100 (9 am to 5 pm) or chat to us online via our site:www.spacelance.com You can also send an email to support@spacelance.com
You need to provide a valid ID proof showing your photo and address. Also, you will have to sign Spacelance Service Agreement. Also you have to provide a brief description of your business.
A video conferencing bridge is a system that is able to connect multiple videoconferencing locations together into a single conference.

Multiple conferences involving many locations can be conducted simultaneously. Many bridges can provide advanced features such as continuous presence, people plus content or dual streams, transcoding, and translating.
We have multiple power backup options. You will have uninterrupted power supply. The office is backed up by UPS and generator for power failures. Air Conditioner will also work during power failures.

We have a leased line Internet connectivity from a major service provider as primary line. As a back up, we have BSNL high speed connectivity as well.
Via Live Web Chat Service, Spacelance provides web chat operator service for your website. Our expert live chat operators will interact with your site visitors on your behalf, giving support to your existing customers as well as potential customers.
At Spacelance, we are very particular about training our agents. Once you signup, we will send you a questionnaire where you can fill up the product or service details and frequently asked questions of your customers. After studying your answers in detail, we will ask specific questions to get knowledge about everything related to your product or service.
Nothing ever goes unanswered. We will capture the question and will inform the visitor that our expert will get back to them within next 24 working hours. We will ask for their email, and will contact you for the answer to their specific question. We will then follow up with the customer with the answer.
Never. We are in this business from 2012 and the trust we gained over these years is our greatest asset. We can also sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) contract with you in case you want it, so that your information remains 100% secure & private.
  • Phone Answering
  • Invoice Preparation
  • Data Entry
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Order Taking
  • Confirmation Calls
  • Answering Client Questions
  • Taking Reservations
  • Gathering Survey Results
  • Stuffing Envelopes
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Chat
  • Viso Diagrams
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Conference Registration
  • Online Classified like OLX, Qickr Posting
  • Customer Service
  • Almost anything else
We only do ethical and legitimate business. Our Assistant won't be able to help with anything that is unethical and anything that is not exactly comfortable to us as per "normal" business standards. Also, we won't be able to assist for any business that is not allowed to run in India by law.