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Getting potential customers to your website is very expensive these days. We help you put that investment to its maximum potential. Our Live Web chat service focuses on converting your visitors into customers by adding our 24/7 live chat operators to aid in sales & support - bringing that crucial human element to your site.

Our Live Chat Support is not just an online chat software (like Zopim), but a complete service, including Chat Software and Live Chat Representatives . We will be online on your website, 24X7 on your behalf. If your online visitors have questions about your products or services, we can instantly give them answers. This will definitely improve your sales.

It is common that customers visiting your site may have questions about your product or service or pricing or payment. How nice it would be if our online chat agent can quickly respond to them. If they leave the website with the question, they may never come back and buy your product or service.

If you appoint your own fulltime staff to serve 24X7 in shifts, its going to cost you lot of money in Salaries, infrastructure and operational expense. Our shared reps will be able to help you with a fraction of and serve multiple customers like you to reduce cost.

For businesses, the benefits Spacelance live chat are many:

  • Increases conversions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reductions in operations expense

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Via Live Web Chat Service, Spacelance provides web chat operator service for your website. Our expert live chat operators will interact with your site visitors on your behalf, giving support to your existing customers as well as potential customers.
At Spacelance, we are very particular about training our agents. Once you signup, we will send you a questionnaire where you can fill up the product or service details and frequently asked questions of your customers. After studying your answers in detail, we will ask specific questions to get knowledge about everything related to your product or service.
Nothing ever goes unanswered. We will capture the question and will inform the visitor that our expert will get back to them within next 24 working hours. We will ask for their email, and will contact you for the answer to their specific question. We will then follow up with the customer with the answer.
No. We are in this business for almost 3 years now and the trust we gained is our asset. We can also sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) contract with you, so that their information remains 100% secure & private.