Video Conferencing in Cochin & Bangalore

Video Conferencing is now a days used by many businesses for thier board meetings, conducting interviews, meeting clients and so on. We offer Videoconferencing in Ernakulam (Cochin), Bangalore and Pune. With the launch of Kochi Port, Smart City and expansion of Infopark in Kakkanad area, it is in huge demand. Video conferencing helps many businesses in Kochi the way they do business. Our VC service allows face-to-face meeting with customers, colleagues, and suppliers around the world in HD quality.

You may be looking for a Video Conferencing facility near to MG Road, Kochi. However, now a days people like to do thier meetings away from city because of better car parking space and less traffic. Also these locations are conencted by Metro.

Similerly our Indiranagar location is equipped with 3 Videoconferencing rooms. You may be looking for a Video Conferencing facility near to Indiranagar, Koramanagala or MG Road, Bangalore. Our location has lot of free car parking space and less traffic. Also these location is very close to Metro.

Sometimes you need to meet with employees, customers or prospects. You may need to conduct a face-to-face interview before hiring an employee. But due to time and budget constraints, you may not meet the other party in person. Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with multiple locations, anywhere in the world, in real-time so that you can conduct interviews, team meetings or presentations.

Video conferencing saves travel time and money. Participants can see and hear all other participants and communicate both verbally and visually, creating a face-to-face experience. You can also share PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, Images etc. with others simultaneously on the screen.

Apart from Kakkanad, Kochi, we offer Video Conferencing in Bangalore and in Kharadi, Pune as well. Now you can conduct Video Conferencing in Indiranagar, Bangalore in HD quality with multiple VC studios accomodating 5-40 people.

Spacelance is offering HD Video Conferencing in Kakkanad, first time in Kochi and in Kerala.

Spacelance Video Conferencing Advantages:

  • Full HD Video Conferencing equipment
  • Air conditioned, Sound proof, echo proof studio
  • High Speed internet Connectivity with Free Wifi
  • Interoperability with any other VC device
  • VC Facility in over 40 other locations in the country
  • Point to point or Multi Location Bridge connectivity
  • Conveniently located in Kakkanad with ample parking
  • Close to Kochi Smart City, Infopark and Cochin Special Economic Zone
  • Affordable and flexible Pricing model
  • Corporate and bulk session purchase discounts
  • Flexible timings to accommodate meetings from other countries like USA, UK, Australia and Middle East

Video Conferencing Benefits:

  • Meet face to face with people across the world in HD Quality
  • Share documents and applications with video
  • Avoid the cost and time of business travelling
  • Increase productivity

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We offer Video Conferening in Kakkand, Kochi, Indiranagar, Bangalore and Kharadi, Pune.
A video conferencing bridge is a system that is able to connect multiple videoconferencing locations together into a single conference.
Multiple conferences involving many locations can be conducted simultaneously. Many bridges can provide advanced features such as continuous presence, people plus content or dual streams, transcoding, and translating.
We have 2 backup power options. We have UPS back up for uninterrupted power. The whole building is backed up by generator as well.
We have a leased line Internet connectivity from a major service provider as primary line. As a back up, we have BSNL high speed connectivity as well.
You cannot comapre Skype call to a Video Conferencing meeting. Video conferencing uses high-end devices such as Polycom or Cisco which can serve videos in HD format in real time using leased line connectivity. 50 inch HD TVs gives a much more clear vidoes. You will get a real "face to face" like experiece between both locations. Also, Video conferencing can connect multiple locations using bridging. It can also share presentations from your computer along with videos. So Video conferencing is much more powerful than skype video call.