Management Team


Boby Thomas

Founder and CEO

Boby Thomas is a technology evangelist and serial entrepreneur. After running an IT business, and serving as IT consultant for major Fortune 500 companies in US for more than 12 years, Boby returned to India and started Spacelance. He has tremendous experience in building online portals, business applications and complex B2B and B2C enterprise workflow systems.

Boby leads Spacelance team on Business Development, Marketing and Quality Assurance. He also leads Spacelance in-house technical team on building a state-of-the-art technology platform for account management, online ordering and, process automation.

With Boby's leadership, today Spacelance has become the #1 Virtual office and Smart Workspace provider in India.

Boby holds MCA degree from Bharathidasan University, Trichy. Before starting Spacelance, he has co-founded Leapconcepts, a technology company in US and also worked with major companies in US like Pfizer, Celgene and IEEE. He also runs a business named FlexClicks in US, which focuses on online services.