Benefits of Using Shared Office Space in Kochi

Due to the ever-changing economic conditions, it is no longer appropriate for an entrepreneur or small business to start offices in good locations of the city without properly testing the business waters. Kochi is growing very fast and the rental charges for office spaces in Cochin are skyrocketing.

Virtual office solutions are the best option for any kind of business that wants to test the business feasibility of the area before renting out an expensive office here.

There are so many advantages of using share offices in Kochi. Some of them are as follows.

Save on the overhead expenses: Did you know that renting out an office in Cochin can cost you as much Rs. 10000 per month? How nice it would be if you could cut this expense in the initial stages of your business. This is where the concept of virtual office wins. The virtual office setup comes with an address in a prestigious location, a local telephone number and virtual receptionist services. Most of the virtual office providers also offer shared conference rooms or meeting rooms.

It offers a better location: You can always have your home address as the office address. However, this will not give a professional outlook to your business setup. A virtual office space also offers shared meeting rooms in Kochi where you can meet up with your clients or hold interviews at very affordable rates.

You don’t need to hire a full time receptionist: At least one office staff would be required to run your business. You can cut the salary of this receptionist from your list of expenses by using the services of a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist will be working for several clients. The receptionist in the virtual office will first answer your customer calls in your company’s name and then forward the call to your personal number only if she cannot handle the call by herself.

Get a fully equipped conference room: Suppose you want to hold a video conferencing session with your major clients in USA. You no longer have to set up an expensive office setup to hold your meetings. You can use the shared conference rooms in Cochin, which will be equipped with all modern facilities to hold your meetings.