Get Call Centre facility in Pune

Any customer facing business needs a call centre. However, setting up a call centre with your own office and full time staff with software is not affordable to normal businesses. Spacelance offers shared resources who can handle your customer calls. You give us details about your product or service. Also provide us with an FAQ. We will take care of rest.

Great customer service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. Focusing on delivering customer service will benefit your business in a number or ways. By delivering strong customer service, you making use of the effective marketing tool known as word-of-mouth advertising. Your customers will feel like you are taking care of their requests in a professional way. That will create more trust and more business for you. What are the benefits of a third party call centre:

  • Available 24/7:

It is important for customer service to be available 24/7. You have to be present and accessible at any time. This does not essentially mean that you need a 24/7 call center, but you must at least have an email service which will be answered within 24 hours. We assure that all your customer calls are handled without fail.

  • We make customers feel important

This can be achieved by making them feel genuinely welcome when they do business with you. If customers feel valued and appreciated by a business then they are more likely to return and make more business

  • We respect your customer specially

Even if you hear the same complaint over and over again, each customer should be treated special. How each customer feels about a problem will vary and so do not always respond with automated answers.

  • Clear Enunciation

The ability to understand what someone is saying on the phone separates a productive conversation from one filled with tension.

  • Learn from your customer interaction

If you are able to treat each complaint as an advice and learn from it, your business will be able to succeed in the long run. If your customers feel that you have made changes because of their suggestions, they will trust you more. We apply the lessons learned when we handle the similar cases in future.

  • Be understanding

No customer wants to deal with an unenthusiastic employee. So make sure your employees are understanding to the needs of the customers and help them well.

  • Knowledge of the Product

The best part is our representatives will have a through knowledge about your company and your products or services. So when your customer call, they will never feel lost.

  • Explain:

Customers are not always familiar with your company’s policies or procedures. Thoroughly explain to customers what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A clear understanding tends to decrease customer frustration.

  • Make things simple:

Don’t confuse your customers with jargons. Keep everything simple and remember that your customer does not know those terms as well as you do.

  • Keep staff trained:

Your staff has to be trained well on the aspects of your business and they must know how to respond to each customer. If your customer service executive is confused about your business, your customer is confused and may decide to leave.

  • Ask customers for feedback :

Ask customers for feedback in order to make it useful in your customer service process. Take time to regularly review feedback, identify areas for improvement, and make specific changes in your business.