Shared Office Space in Bangalore

Nowadays there are plenty of small businesses and startups coming up in Bangalore. The expenses for running an office in Bangalore are becoming too high. Rental expenses, the employee salary expenses and the general office running costs, particularly in a large city like Bangalore are all a burden for a small business that has not started generating profits yet.

Struggling to get the office space as per your need of workstations and bound to adjust with larger or smaller spaces, the idea of virtual offices will help to reduce the expenses to run a small time business.


Shared office space provides the best possible shape and support for startups from ideation, forming the company till becoming a viable business. Shared office spaces and virtual offices are very common in cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

The virtual office solution is like a shared workspace in Bangalore for your business. Though you do not get an actual office space, you get all the advantages of having a real office space without having to pay even half of what you would have to pay as office rental charges in Bangalore.


When you choose a virtual office, make sure they also offer you shared meeting rooms in Bangalore where you can meet your clients or customers. Meeting clients in a coffee shop or restaurant is going to affect your business badly as this often affects the credibility of your business.



Virtual office providers in Bangalore are now also offering shared conference rooms in Bangalore for business owners who want to hold professional meetings with clients, partners or employees. Even when you are a startup, it is important to hold business meetings once in a while and holding such meetings in a professional conference room will greatly increase your business value.

As client meetings are becoming really common these days, even for small businesses and startups, virtual office services will be the best to facilitate such needs. offers conference rooms with facilities such as projector, video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Coffee machine and very low daily or hourly rentals.

These rooms can be used for training as well. It can comfortably accommodate 15-20 people. Laptop with projection will help your students see the training slides in a bigger screen. Air conditioned hall give them comfort. They can make use of the pantry to have some snacks during break. They do not have to go out, so save time on refreshments.

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