How to get GST Registration in Kerala?

GST is active in India from July 1, 2017.

How to get GST registration in Kerala?

How to get GST registration in Kerala?

A common question that every business owner who is new to GST is…
“I want to register for GST as new case in Center, State and all. But I don’t know how to do that? I never had TIN or VAT numbers, please guide me.”

First of all, if your annual business income is below a certain threshold, you don’t necessarily need to take GST registration at all.

Category Region Aggregate Turnover
Services Special Category States (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh) Rs 10 Lakhs
Services Rest of India Rs 20 Lakhs
Goods Special Category States (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh) Rs 20 Lakhs
Goods Rest of India Rs 40 Lakhs


There are 3 types of GST you can see on new bills. The GST that will be collected by the Centre on intra-state supply of goods and/or services is Central GST (CGST) and that by the States is State GST (SGST).

On inter-state supply of goods and services, Integrated GST (IGST) will be collected by Centre. IGST will also apply on imports.

GST is a consumption based tax i.e. the tax should be received by the state in which the goods or services are consumed and not by the state in which such goods are manufactured. IGST is designed to ensure seamless flow of input tax credit from one state to another. One state has to deal only with the Centre government to settle the tax amounts and not with every other state, thus making the process easier.

For e.g.: – A dealer A in Kerala sold goods to the consumer in Karnataka worth Rs. 5,000. The GST rate is 18% comprising of CGST rate of 9% and SGST rate of 9%, in such case the dealer collects Rs. 600 and Rs. 450 will go to the central government and Rs. 450 will go to the Kerala government.

Now, if the dealer in Kerala had sold goods to a dealer in Tamil Nadu worth Rs. 1,00,000. The GST rate is 18% comprising of CGST rate of 9% and SGST rate of 9%. In such case the dealer has to charge Rs. 18,000 as IGST. This IGST will go to the Centre.

How To register for GST in Kerala

GST registration is done though GST Portal. GST New registration at the GST portal started from 25 June 2017.

You can access GST Portal from here.

To register for GST in Kerala, you need to arrange necessary documentation first.
There is a myth that GST registration needs your own space with rental agreement. That is not true. Reality is you can used a “Shared space” like Virtual office for GST Registration anywhere in India.

Now you don’t need to rent out a physical space for GST registration in Kerala. You can use a shared office space or virtual office for GST registration.

Spacelance offer Address for GST Registration in Kerala.


Documents needed for GST Registration in Kerala:

Sole Proprietorship :

Partnership Firm :

LLP Company:

Private Limited Company :

Once you have all the documents listed above, you can consult a good chartered account who can register your company for GST or even you can do it yourself from GST portal. You can access GST Portal from this link: .


Please call 94000 31100 for GST Registration in Kerala. You can also use your chartered accountant for the same.

Reliance Videoconferencing from Kochi

Reliance World was offering Videoconferencing facility from various locations in Ernakulam and Cochin Since 2001. They were operational at MG Road Ernakulam, Palarivattom, and Kadavanthara as well. However these shops have been closed since end of 2014.

Spacelance is the best video conferencing provider in Cochin now. Spacelance is focusing on Virtual Office Solutions since 2012. Spacelance has a an HD Videoconferencing centre in Cochin with all modern facilities like point to point connectivity, bridging, web streaming and so on.

Video Conferencing facility in Cochin

We are conveniently located on the second floor of Heavenly Plaza tower in Padamugal between Vazhakkala and kakkanad on Civil Line Road. You can access our location easily from all nearby places like Palarivattom, Kadavanthara, Kaloor, Edappally, Kalamassery, Mamangalam, Thammanam, Vennala, Vyttila, Panampilly Nagar, South, MG Road, Marine Drive, Kakkanad, Infopark, Startup Village etc.

Our Offerings:

  • Polycom HD device
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  • IP Based or ISDN based Conferencing

Our Advantages:

  • Highly experienced staff
  • Free Internet via Wired or Wifi Connectivity
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  • Food and Beverage service for participants
  • Easily accessible from major Cochin Highways
  • Close to Cochin Airport, Railway station and Bus Station
  • Close to Highways, Infopark, Startup Village

When to use Videoconferencing:

  • Remote Recruitment
  • Sales Meetings or Reviews
  • Product Launch
  • Multi City Training
  • CEO Broadcast/Press Conferences
  • Town hall meetings for corporates
  • Distance Education
  • Doctor Lectures

If some of your customers are not close to a VC facility, we can reach out to them via webcasting. All they need is an internet connection.

VC Equipments:
We use Polycom HDX 7000 Series for all our VCs. Polycom offers high definition communications from low bandwidths with H.264 High Profile Technology. Our Polycom devices use UltimateHD technology. With a HD voice, HD video and HD content for exceptional performance.

Polycom HDX 7000 Series offers a Simplified dialing and directory search when registered to the Polycom Converged Management Application. Advanced HD video technology, offers smooth, natural motion and sharp clear images for outstanding video.

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Rent Video Conferencing facility for Interviews from Cochin, Kochi, Kerala

Video Conferencing facility in Cochin Video conferencing has become very common in India and especially Kerala’s business capital Kochi (Cochin). A VC facility is widely used for remote interviews, multi-location company meetings, Doctor’s or Physicians lecture broadcast, Distant education classes by various universities, institutes like IIM, IIT, XLRI etc.

Kerala is a highly educated and talented state with many human resources looking for higher education or jobs abroad. Multi-national companies from various metro cities in India like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta etc. are looking for candidates from Kerala. Now employers who want to conduct in-person interview from Cochin don’t have to spent huge bucks on 2 way air tickets and hotel accommodation for candidates, thanks to Spacelance premium VC facility in Kochi. Reliance Video Conferencing facility in Cochin was leading facility earlier.

If you are looking for an HD Videoconferencing from Cochin, Spacelance’s Kochi video conferencing rental facility is conveniently located in Kakkanad, Ernakulam. We offer Video Conferencing (VC) service for all your needs. You can get a videoconference room rented hourly or daily basis. If you are looking for longer term, we can install and make operational video conferencing system at your facility.

Spacelance Virtual Office Solutions, which specialises in providing Smart work space in Cochin, offers broad range of products and services of the highest quality and security to its customers. Since 2012, Spacelance has been successfully delivering audio and video conferencing services to international and local companies, as well as private and corporate accounts ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to big size enterprise companies in a diverse range of market verticals all over the world.

Spacelance’s award-winning solutions for virtual meetings have been connected worldwide in the vertical markets of distance learning, government, corporate, telemedicine, and others.

We have many years of experience and commitment to its customers in these verticals is unmatched in the industry. Spacelance also provide a suite of managed services to meet all the voice and video needs of its broad array of loyal customers. We also offer easy accessibility webcasting solutions in which any meeting can be broadcast live or archived over the Internet.

We use the latest devices like Polycom HD cam and reliable IP based bridge with high speed leased line which deliver you crystal clear, uninterrupted video and audio both direction. We also offer point to point connectivity if you just need to call a party directly.

If your voice and video needs have expanded beyond point-to-point communications, you don’t need to buy and manage a multipoint control unit. You can use our Videoconference Bridging Services to expand your capability.

Our network expands to 60 other locations in India and coming soon to other international cities like Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco (USA).

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Skype Video Call Facility in Cochin

If you are located in or around Cochin, Kerala and looking for a job or admission abroad, you have reached the right place. You take an interview or talk to a person abroad from Cochin from a professional space without any interruption using a Skype Video Call. Now you can rent a professional Room or Facility in Cochin to conduct a Skype Video Conference, thanks to Spacelance.

Skype is a popular online video conferencing tool used to speak to a person or group of people away from your city over internet or to take a face to face Interview for your job or study abroad. Even though Skype calls can be done from your home with your home internet or 3G mobile connection, it is not advised to do so. You need a high speed internet connection to have a smooth video conferencing without interruption of video and sound in realtime for both parties. Your home internet connection can have issues in video steaming due to low speed. So it will create a bad impression for your interview or team meeting.

A video conferencing facility in Cochin with sound proof rooms, professional design, high speed internet connection, high definition camera will always help you to create a professional touch to your Skype call.

You can now Rent a Video Conferencing Room with Skype from top provider of virtual office in Cochin. This is an economical still professional solution for your Interview needs for abroad jobs. Spacelance is the #1 reliable provider of Skype Video Conferencing in Cochin, Kerala. Call us at the above numbers for details or book a room.


Job Interview Room In Ernakulam / Cochin

If you are a recruiter, agency or employer who is looking to conduct an interview in Cochin or Ernakulam, you may need a professional space to conduct the interviews.

If you are a candidate who is looking for a job opportunity abroad, you may have to attend job interviews via Video conferencing in Cochin, Kerala. Ernakulam and Cochin areas are becoming a hub for international jobs.

Job Interview facility in Cochin
Many companies from Middle East are looking for suitable candidates jobs in Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait. Also, UK and USA job interviews are often happening place in Cochin.

IT professionals, Nurses, Skilled technicians, and Doctors are the main targets of recruiters from abroad.

Sometimes, you may have to attend an interview online with a face to face meeting via Video Conferencing. For attending online interviews in Kochi, you need a peaceful room with no noises, loud sounds, honks or other disturbances. Also, you need a perfect lighting as it is important for an interview attended via video conferencing.

There are different ways to attend interviews online:

– Video Conferencing
– Skype Video Call with presentation
– Google Hangout
– Webex

You may also need to share a presentation or a research document.

Spacelance offers solutions for all your interview needs. Conveniently located in Kakkanad, Kochi Spacelance has the right technology and atmosphere to impress your interview board and get hired for the job. So next time, when you need a Video Conferencing Facility in Cochin, call us the number on the top.

We will handle your candidates. We will have them fill out the forms, submit their resumes, and send them to interview room. We have ample waiting area for up to 100 candidates.

Call for book the interview room +91 94000 31100 or email :

Does Regus offer Virtual office or Serviced Office in Cochin?

Regus does not offer Virtual office in Cochin or Ernakulam. However, Spacelance is the best alternative to Regus in Cochin. Spacelance is the first and #1 Virtual office and Business Center in Cochin.

Kerala is one of the top state in India for entrepreneurship now. Many new businesses want to open an office in Cochin. However, due to lack of infrastructure and fear of taking the risk, they dont want to invest much on the office space. Due to the ever-changing economic and government policies, it is no longer viable for an entrepreneur or small business to spend huge money in office spaces.

Kochi is growing very fast with newly constructed “Kochi Metro” and new fly-overs are coming in Edappally, Palarivattom, Vyttila and Kundanoor. Rental charges for office spaces in Cochin are going up day by day. Virtual office is the best alternative option for any kind of business that wants to open the business in the city with out renting out an expensive office here.

If you are looking for a Virtual office in Cochin, go with a reliable provider. With many years experience in running businesses in US and India, Spacelance management know what your business needs and what you need to bring up your business from just a startup to a multi national.

Spacelance offers Virtual address, Dedicated Phone number, Fax number, Live reception support, IVR, Voice Mail, Call forwarding, Call History, Missed call alerts and much more with your virtual office package. The price just starts @ Rs.500/month.

Quality Business Centre-A Virtual office in Cochin

Cochin: Kerala is now #1 state in India for entrepreneurship with many new entrepreneurs emerging every day. However, business setup cost is skyrocketing especially in Cochin. With the introduction of Kochi Metro, MG Road Ernakulam will be a very busy business street. But you can now open an Business Centre-A Virtual office in Cochin, by investing just nothing, thanks to Spacelance Virtual Office Solution.

“Spacelance is providing an affordable office space solution for start-ups like us. Kerala is the best state for home-based businesses. Many NRI malayalees and students are setting up their own business in Kerala. I congratulate Spacelance for introducing Virtual and Shared Office concept first time in Kerala’s business capital, Cochin.” said Rajesh George, founder and CEO of Ceibell Interactive, who is using this cost-effective service since last year.
Business Center in Cochin

Many companies offer virtual offices. But quality and reliability is #1 priority in selecting the provider. With a cloud-based platform, Spacelance is the #1 choice for Virtual and Serviced Offices in Cochin. You can operate your business remotely and still show their presence in the city.

Get a prestigious address in Kochi, a dedicated Landline number with a Kochi STD code, a Kochi e-Fax number, a shared Live Receptionist to answer and forward your customer calls and mail handling and office support facilities etc in less than an hour.

Once you sign up, you can choose a virtual phone number from a pool of available numbers and have the option to forward it to the personal phone number or to your voicemail. The service also allows setting up a customized welcome greeting or an automated menu at your virtual number with your company name before redirecting the call to you. So even if you are small start-up company you can project a Big company image in front of your clients and competitors.

Spacelance Basic plan starts at just Rs.500 per month, which includes a virtual address and mail handling services. The Standard plan is Rs.1000 per month which gives an additional dedicated virtual phone and fax number. The Ultimate plan, priced at Rs.1500 per month, gives everything in Basic and Standard plans along with a Live Receptionist and office support facilities.

With Spacelance Virtual Phone number, you have a cochin number with no hardware and hassles of landline connection. Answer the calls wherever you are with smart call forwarding. You will have access to all your call history for lifetime. So never miss a business lead.

Spacelance also offers “Smart Space”. Anyone can rent the fully air conditioned space with all facilities like High speed internet, Wifi, projector, white board, printer, copier etc. for your Customer Meetings, Team Discussions, Interviews, Board Meetings, Product Demos, Product Launch, Training etc.

According to a report in November 2012, over 27,000 businesses use virtual offices in India and the requirement is estimated to increase at a rapid pace of up to 300 percent every year.

Spacelance is currently focusing on providing the service in Kochi and has plans to expand its services to other cities in India.

How to Find a Training Room in Kochi

Just like investing in the right talent is important, so is training and retaining them. It is important to dedicate some funds for the training of your staff. In addition to providing induction training for your employees, you must also take some effort to train your existing employees in the latest technologies.

Very few companies allocate funds for the continual training of their employees. Along with providing the basic training, it is important to improve the existing skill set of your employees.


It is often really tough to find training rooms in Cochin for startup companies who want to provide training to their employees. The hotel conference rooms in Kochi are evry expensive and it is almost impossible for the startups to invest their money in renting these rooms.

For startup companies, the best option would be to go for shared conference rooms in Kochi. The rent for such facilities would be much lesser than the amount that you would have to pay for renting the hotel conference rooms. Such shared training rooms also offer all modern amenities like WiFi, Projector and Video conferencing facilities. You will be charged only by the hour when you are using shared conference rooms in Cochin.

Training must be made a continuous process. Training for employees must be held every 6 months and if not more frequently. Setting aside a separate training room for your employees can often be an expensive affair for a startup company. The rising rental cost in Cochin is what is persuading such small companies to keep away from regular training of their employees.

For such small businesses, it is always best to rely on shared conference rooms and meeting rooms in Kochi offered by virtual office providers in the city. Rent a shared training room in Cochin and hold your training session once every six months.

You can use such shared conference rooms for your business meetings and conferences as well. The professional look and feel of these meeting rooms will increase the reliability of your business to your clients and partners.

Organizing such employee trainings in between can always help to improve the sense of community within your firm so that employees feel they are cared about at a greater level.

Shared Office Space in Cochin

The expenses for running an office in Cochin are becoming too high now for small businesses and startups. This should however not be a turndown for people who are interested in starting their business in Cochin.

This fast emerging IT city is now the main lookout for all kinds of businesses. Big and medium businesses that are planning to start a branch office here and the startups that are planning to begin their venture here have a good news. They can make use of virtual office facilities in Kochi.


Though shared office spaces and virtual offices are very common in other cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, it is relatively a new concept in Cochin. However, many startups would have thought about how economical it would be, if they could find a shared office space in Cochin at least in their initial stages.

Now, virtual offices are becoming widely accepted in Cochin. When you choose a virtual office, make sure they also offer you shared meeting rooms in Cochin where you can meet your clients or customers. Meeting clients in a coffee shop or restaurant is going to affect your business badly as this often affets the credibility of your business.

Instead hold your meetings in a professional space. It will definitely going to boost your business. Even if you operate from your home office, this will help your business look like a well established one.

Suppose you already own an office space. Setting up your conference room with all the modern facilities is definitely not a viable solution if you don’t need need it frequently. This will cost you a lot of money and if you are not going to use it on daily basis, this would be a wastage of resources for you. In such cases, you can find shared conference room in Cochin with virtual office facilities absolutely useful.


A virtual office with conference room will have every facility that you need and have to be paid for only when you actually need it.

As client meetings are becoming really common these days, even for small businesses and startups, virtual office services will be the best to facilitate such needs. offers conference rooms with facilities such as projector, video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Coffee machine and very low daily or hourly rentals. They are conveniently located on Civil Line road in Kakkanad, which is accessible easily from any other hub of Ernakulam like Kaloor, MG Road, Ravipuram, Palarivattom, Vyttila and also Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery Airport).

These rooms can be used for your training as well. It can comfortably accommodate 15-20 people. Laptop with projection will help your students see the training slides in a bigger screen. Air conditioned hall give them comfort. They can make use of the pantry to have some snacks during break. They do not have to go out , so save time on refreshments.

Call them to get details about the Conference room facility. +91 94000 31100. or send an email to

Hiring Tips for Startups in Kochi, Kerala

It is very important for a startup company to hire the right employees. You must have good team in the beginning who can help to shape up the business. Proper Hiring is thus one of the main steps of a startup company.

Cochin is a new hub for start-ups. But employees are reluctant to work for startups as they don’t know the future of the business. Every one want to work in multi-nationals like infosys, TCS, Wipro, Earnst and Young etc. All of them has development centers in Cochin, Kerala. But employees don’t get the exposure in working with big companies. Especially in Cochin, Kerala where the technology resources mainly in areas of PHP, Open source, Java, .Net . they can easily find a job with big companies. So small and start-up companies can not compete with big companies on Salaries and benefits.

The most important point that you have to remember when you hire employees is that the people you choose must have the aptitude to keep learning new things. The freshers are the best people to employ in a startup company as the most ambitious and competent candidates are not likely to stay in a job where they cannot find enough challenges.


Here are some of the basic points that you have to keep in mind when hiring new people to your startup company.

You have to be role specific: Hire the person in question only if he/she fits the role in your company. You cannot afford to hire someone just because you are impressed with the person. For this, you have to be very clear about the role that the new employee has to perform and make sure you write it down and explain it to the candidate well.

Give the candidate a good idea of the company: Explain the nature of your business and your future potential to the candidate. Remember that when you are a startup company, the job aspirant will also be evaluating your company while you evaluate him/her.

Provide the right information: You have to be honest to the candidates. Tell them about the current strength of the company and all the information that they require for making their decision. For a startup company, more than expertise, other qualities like initiative to do things, resourcefulness and cost consciousness.


Ask for references: Ask your candidates for at least five references and make sure you talk to all of them before you make your decision.

You must take enough time: Make sure you choose carefully. Don’t make a rush to things and choose someone who is not suitable for your job. This would be a big mistake, especially for a startup company.