Hiring Tips for Startups in Kochi, Kerala

It is very important for a startup company to hire the right employees. You must have good team in the beginning who can help to shape up the business. Proper Hiring is thus one of the main steps of a startup company.

Cochin is a new hub for start-ups. But employees are reluctant to work for startups as they don’t know the future of the business. Every one want to work in multi-nationals like infosys, TCS, Wipro, Earnst and Young etc. All of them has development centers in Cochin, Kerala. But employees don’t get the exposure in working with big companies. Especially in Cochin, Kerala where the technology resources mainly in areas of PHP, Open source, Java, .Net . they can easily find a job with big companies. So small and start-up companies can not compete with big companies on Salaries and benefits.

The most important point that you have to remember when you hire employees is that the people you choose must have the aptitude to keep learning new things. The freshers are the best people to employ in a startup company as the most ambitious and competent candidates are not likely to stay in a job where they cannot find enough challenges.


Here are some of the basic points that you have to keep in mind when hiring new people to your startup company.

You have to be role specific: Hire the person in question only if he/she fits the role in your company. You cannot afford to hire someone just because you are impressed with the person. For this, you have to be very clear about the role that the new employee has to perform and make sure you write it down and explain it to the candidate well.

Give the candidate a good idea of the company: Explain the nature of your business and your future potential to the candidate. Remember that when you are a startup company, the job aspirant will also be evaluating your company while you evaluate him/her.

Provide the right information: You have to be honest to the candidates. Tell them about the current strength of the company and all the information that they require for making their decision. For a startup company, more than expertise, other qualities like initiative to do things, resourcefulness and cost consciousness.


Ask for references: Ask your candidates for at least five references and make sure you talk to all of them before you make your decision.

You must take enough time: Make sure you choose carefully. Don’t make a rush to things and choose someone who is not suitable for your job. This would be a big mistake, especially for a startup company.