How a Virtual Office Receptionist can help your Business?

When you are planning to start your own company, one of the first things that would come to your mind is about how you are going to handle your customer calls? You must keep your customers happy to build your business. To keep clients happy, it is quite important to have a human receptionist answering their calls.

The best answer to this is using a virtual receptionist service. Such a receptionist will answer your calls and will transfer the calls to you if she cannot handle it.


For a new business, it will be expensive to rent an office in Kochi and employ a full time receptionist. For such people, a virtual receptionist would work perfectly well.

Such receptionist services are also ideal for lawyers who are almost always on the go and cannot handle phone calls all the time.

A virtual office assistant will not just answer your calls. They will also forward the calls to you or to voice mails specifically tailored for your customers.

When you are out of office, you can efficiently use the virtual receptionist service to answer your customer calls. The receptionist can take down any important messages from the customer and then forward them to you.


No matter how you use your virtual office services, it is guaranteed to leave a better impression on your customers. Being greeted by a nice friendly human is always better than by boring machines.

Most of the popular virtual office providers in Cochin also offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms where you can meet your customers once in a while.