How to Choose the Best Virtual Office Provider?

The concept of Virtual Office is fairly new to Malayalees until couple of years back. But now many young entrepreneurs are finding this to be a very viable option to kick off their business in Cochin, Kerala’s business capital, at very nominal rates. There are many virtual office providers in Cochin, however not everyone is reliable. Check out for the best service, client reviews. See how long they are in the market. Choose the one which provides value-added services like meeting rooms and conference rooms.

There are several points that you have to consider when you choose your virtual office provider. One of the first points that you have to check is the address they are providing. The address that is offered by the virtual office provider must be placed in a prestigious location of the city, preferably the business center of the city. The address itself should be professional.

The next thing that you have to look for is whether the virtual office provider offers a dedicated telephone number for your company with all cool features. The telephone number allotted to you must only for your company and should not be shared. Ensure this with the virtual office provider before you sign up. The additional features should be IVR, Welcome Greeting, Call forwarding, Call history, set up Business hours etc.

If you are constantly traveling with regard to your business and need someone to handle your customer calls, then you will need a live receptionist service in Cochin for your clients. There are only some virtual office providers that offer professional trained female receptionists where your customer calls will be answered with your company’s name and transfer it to you if needed.

You also need to check if they offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms for your clients. Remember that you will need to meet up with at least your most important clients or partners once in a while. It would be important to have a smart office for such requirements with all facilities like Wifi, high speed internet, projector and so on.

Another important thing that you have to look at is the price of the virtual office solutions offered. The cost of virtual office solutions should be much lesser than how much you would need to rent an office in Cochin. Some of the best virtual office providers offers solutions for as less as Rs. 500 but still not compromising the quality of service.

Instead of using a receptionist, you can also have the calls rerouted to your personal number. So many successful entrepreneurs now agree that having a virtual office is one of the best cost saving measures to help make a startup business seem more professional.

Why you wait? sign up for a virtual office today and start saving!