How to get PAN number for your start-up business in Kerala

You must have definitely heard about obtaining a PAN number for your business. So what is PAN? PAN or Permanent Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric number which is issued to all businesses in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department. The owner of the business must apply with the IT department to get a PAN number allotted to their business.


This PAN number is what helps the department to link all transactions like tax payments, TDS/TCS credits with the company. PAN is therefore an identifier for the business with the tax department.

A PAN card is important for all documents pertaining to most of the financial transactions.

A PAN card is a must for all tax payers and any business holder in the country.

How to apply for PAN?

Download the PAN Application form from the Income Tax department website.

Find your nearest PAN center in Kerala.

Submit the filled application form with all the documents that are required to the nearest PAN center.
The documents required are as follows.

For a company: Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of Companies

For firms: Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of Firms or Copy of Partnership Deed.

For trusts: Copy of Trust Deed or Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by Charity Commissioner.

For individuals: Proof of identity and proof of address

If you are planning to start a business in Cochin, make sure you apply for your PAN card beforehand as you will need this for all kinds of business transactions.