How to Rent a Virtual Office Address in Kochi

Starting a new business in Kochi is really an expensive affair today. You can always operate your business from home, but credibility of your business will work better if you use a proper address in the city. Customers will have a better impression of your business if you use a prestigious office address on your site and card. A business telephone number is also very important for the growth of your business.

Virtual office solutions offer all these services at very reasonable rates. The main idea of a virtual office is a shared office space where more than one company works. Such a virtual office will not offer you physical working space but offer all facilities like a proper address in the city, local telephone number and receptionist services.

The concept of virtual office is only starting to get popular in Cochin. You can rent a virtual office in Cochin by following the steps below.

Check out Google for the reputed virtual office providers in Cochin. A proper virtual office provider will have a professional site and their site will provide you details of all their services. The best virtual office providers also offer you free trials on all their plans. This way you can test their services before you buy them.

You must find out about the different packages that are offered by the virtual office provider. Most of the basic plans will include only a virtual address. You get the other facilities like virtual phone number and receptionist services only when you choose the higher plans.

The telephone number that is being offered to you must be a dedicated telephone number. You must also check and confirm that the address provided by the company is a prestigious one.
Choose the plan that suits your business best. Don’t forget to ask about all the services offered under your plan.

You must also confirm the payment terms and conditions.

You must provide the details of your business like your company name, the company pan card details and your contact details.

The best virtual office providers in Kochi also offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms which you can use to meet your clients. The rent for the conference room or meeting room is usually not included within the package. You can use it as and when you require the facility.

After you sign up for virtual office address, provide this address to all your customers and the mail received at this address will be forwarded to your personal address by the virtual office provider.