How Virtual Office makes things easier?

Not very long ago, people would not have thought that starting an office in Cochin would be so easy. Renting out an office in Cochin is not really affordable to everyone and this was one of the main reasons why many businesses did not flourish in Cochin.

Things have however changed for the better now. Who would have thought that office space in Cochin would be available for as less as Rs. 500. By using the virtual office solutions that are offered by Spacelance, new businessmen and startups can now easily begin their office in Cochin.

Virtual office solutions include almost everything that you require out of a physical office space. By using such virtual office solutions, startups and new businesses can now get their work done in an efficient and profitable way.

When you opt for virtual office solutions by Spacelance, you will get an office address in Cochin, a local landline number in Cochin, local fax number and mail handling services. You virtual phone number can either be answered by a receptionist in your company’s name or be forwarded to you. You can also set up IVR or voice mail for your virtual phone number.

The faxes that you receive on your dedicated fax number will be forwarded to you via email in the PDF format. Spacelance can also help you with other services like Mail handling and cheque deposits.

Your business address in Cochin by Spacelance is located in the prime area of the city. You also have the option to choose a fancy suite number for some extra charges.

The concept of virtual offices is already very popular in other parts of the country like Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Though Cochin is now very new to the concept, the idea is definitely going to catch up soon owing to its cost effectiveness and efficiency. A virtual office saves you money and gives you the impression of a real office without spending huge money to rent your own office space in Cochin.