Job Interview Room In Bangalore

Recruiters, Agencies or Employers who is looking to conduct an interview in Bangalore may need a professional space.

Spacelance, the top virtual office provider in Bangalore offers solutions for all your interview needs.

Spacelance have Interview Rooms in premium business locations in Bangalore. Get professional, full-featured Interview Rooms in Bangalore instantly! Our Interview Room comes with high speed WiFi internet, whiteboards, projectors etc. We also have Receptionist support for your candidate queries.

We will handle your candidates. We will have them fill out the forms, submit their resumes, and send them to interview room. We have ample waiting area for up to 100 candidates.


Bangalore is an IT hub that draws professionals from across the country and abroad. Candidates who is looking for a job opportunity abroad, may have to attend job interviews via Video conferencing in Bangalore.

International companies are looking for suitable candidates jobs in UAE. Also, UK and USA job interviews are often happening place in Bangalore. IT professionals, Nurses, Skilled technicians, and Doctors are the main targets of recruiters from abroad.

Sometimes, you may have to attend an interview online with a face to face meeting via Video Conferencing. For attending interviews, you need a peaceful room with no noises, loud sounds, honks or other disturbances. Also, you need a perfect lighting as it is important for an interview attended via video conferencing.



Spacelance has the right technology and atmosphere to impress your interview board and get hired for the job. So next time, when you need a Video Conferencing Facility in Bangalore, call us the number on the top.

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