Legal Requirements for a Start-up Office in Cochin

Most of the new entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic about starting a business. Everything is quite fine until the time comes when the venture has to become more professional and legalized. Renting an office space for your business venture is often very expensive in a city like Cochin and it is important that you look for other alternatives.

Most of us would think that using our home address is the easiest way out when you need a business address. However, this is clearly not the best choice. Business registration applications are not very private and your address would available to anyone online, which is not very wise.

A mailbox service is often required for any kind of business. However, using a virtual office address to get your mail delivered would be the most sensible option as it is not necessary that there will be someone at your home always to collect the mail.

Some of the basic things that you have to look at when you are setting up a startup office in Cochin are as follows.

Register your company name: If you company name is already registered, then you will not be able to use that name as this would be considered illegal.

Copyrights and Patents: You hard work needs to be protected from rival businesses and others unless you allow them to use it. Patents have to be applied for while copyrights automatically happens.

Know the Trading laws: You must be aware of several trading laws in India, which are mainly drafted to protect the consumers. These laws are for your protection and it is important that you have an idea of how it can affect your business. You can find out about the various trading laws from your legal advisor.
Legally required Insurances: There are certain insurance products that the law demands you must have. Some others should also be taken to consider your protection.

Trademark: Getting a product trademarked marks it legal in the eyes of the public. When your product is registered, it is protected by the law and gives you the right to take action against anyone else using it.

There are several legal procedures that you have to consider before you start your business in India. Make sure that you understand all the laws before you begin your venture.