Rent Meeting Rooms in Cochin

According to market statistics, shared meeting rooms are a real blessing to all the entrepreneurs. Any kind of business will need a place to meet their clients. Meeting in coffee shops and restaurants is no longer an option when you can rent shared meeting rooms for your meetings.

Though the concept of virtual office is still new to businesses in Cochin, the requirement of shared meeting rooms has always been there. When there were no virtual office services, businesses either have to hold their meeting in expensive hotel conference rooms in Cochin or in small coffee shops or other eateries in the city.


Entrepreneurs would find renting hotel conference rooms an expensive option and hence they had to opt for other places. Meeting up clients in restaurants or coffee shops cannot give a good first impression about your business to the client. You don’t look legitimate when you don’t even have a proper place to hold a meeting.

Shared conference rooms in Kochi are definitely going to help all those entrepreneurs who are looking for meeting places in the city. Spacelance is now offering these facilities with their virtual office solutions at affordable rates.

If you are meeting more than 4 or 5 people at a time, you can use the conference room facility. Otherwise, the shared meeting rooms in Cochin are an excellent option for holding interviews or meeting clients.

Such shared conference rooms can also serve as a place to hold occasional trainings and other sessions for your employees. You can allow your employees to work from home and then use such meeting places to hold weekly meetings for reviews.


The rising demand for office spaces in Kochi has sky-rocketed the rent for buildings in Cochin. The most sensible option for an entrepreneur or small business head is to use virtual office solutions for all your office needs in Kochi.