Virtual Office – Basic Questions Answered

Virtual office concept is catching up really fast in Cochin. It is becoming a very important ingredient to the success of an online business or an entrepreneur. Nowadays having a professional business address is becoming a requisite to any kind of business. This is why virtual address is becoming very important for businesses today.

There are plenty of young entrepreneurs and home based businesses in Cochin now. To present their customers with a more professional outlook, such businesses cannot afford to rent a physical space and conduct their office there. For giving a professional look and feel to their customers, they now pay for a virtual address in Cochin.


While some of them require only a virtual address, there are others who need facilities like virtual phone number, shared conference spaces and shared meeting rooms along with a virtual office address. Did you know that you can even have a virtual receptionist who can handle your calls in a professional manner with the help of virtual office services?

A virtual address is not the same as having an office of your own. In this case, you don’t have to pay for the rent of an office space in Cochin. You get a shared office space at a much cheaper price from the virtual office providers.

The more expensive packages also include other facilities like shared meeting rooms, conference rooms, virtual receptionist services and dedicated virtual phone numbers.

Who should have a virtual address?

Virtual address is very important now for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just stepping in to their business and need to save some money before they start their own office. Home based businesses in Cochin will also require virtual office services.

Why is a virtual office useful?

Your business needs credibility and a professional outlook to impress your customers. Also, using virtual office solutions are always much cheaper than paying for and maintaining your own physical space. Another advantage of virtual addresses is that you can use them to expand your business to new cities. If you are based in Bangalore, for example, then you can test the waters in Cochin with a virtual office address before you have your won branch in the city.


You must choose virtual office providers like Spacelance, which offer much more than just an address and telephone number at the most affordable rates.

Make sure you look over the terms of your agreement before you pay for an address, especially if you are also paying for additional services like a shared meeting room in Cochin and a virtual assistant.