Virtual Office in Cochin – How it helps?

Virtual office concept is still in a budding stage in Cochin. Most of us still don’t understand how a virtual office in Cochin can help our business.

So, why do we need a virtual address and local phone number? We can always operate our business from home and use our personal number for client calls. After all we are an online business and all we really need is an internet connection and some computers.


This is wrong notion that most of the budding entrepreneurs have in the initial stages of their business. Yes, we do need to save our money in the initial stages of our business and renting a physical office space would really not be practical. This is why we must start depending on virtual offices for our business needs.

A prestigious address in the city where you are doing business is actually very important for the credibility of your business. You clients will always feel better when they spend money on a company that is professional.

When you use a virtual office setup, you are actually using a shared office space in Cochin with several other companies. The main advantage is that you get all the benefits of a physical office space without the overhead charges.

A local phone number is also always more reliable than a mobile phone number. Your home telephone number has the disadvantage that you have to be always present to attend your client calls. Everything could get confusing as your personal calls would also be coming to the same number. At a lesser price than setting up another official telephone number, you can sign up for a virtual phone number.

You can also have a virtual receptionist employed to attend the calls made to this number. By ‘virtual’ receptionist, we mean that the receptionist is not your full time employees. They are the employees of the virtual office service provider.


One major advantage of using the services of a virtual receptionist is that you can save the money that have to be otherwise spent on the employee’s salary and other utility bills. By having a virtual receptionist to handle your calls, you can become more productive as you can focus your time and energy on improving your business and not for running it.

Having a virtual office in Kochi is indeed a blessing to all the new entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to set their business footprint in Kochi.

Most of the virtual offices in the city also provide shared conference room in Kochi. This is an added advantage to business people who want to hold occasional meetings with their clients.