List of Documents Required for GST Registration

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is the tax levied by the Central Government of India to subsume most of the previously existed taxes like State Tax, Excise Duty, VAT, Service tax, entry tax and even the customs duty.

GST has first introduced during the financial year 2017-18 and is effective from July 1, 2017.  It has reduced complexities and compliances of doing business for millions of small businesses in India. By abolishing and subsuming multiple taxes into a single system, tax complexities would be reduced while tax base is increased substantially.

Under the new GST rule, all businesses in India involved in buying or selling goods and / or  services with a minimum threshold turnover, are required to obtain GST registration. Companies without GST registration would not be allowed to collect GST from customer or claim input tax credit of GST paid. Further, GST registration is mandatory once an entity crosses the minimum threshold turnover.

As per the GST Council, entities in the Northeaster and hill states with an annual turnover of Rs.10 lakhs and above would be required to obtain GST registration. For all other entities in rest of India would be required to obtain GST registration, if annual turnover exceeds Rs.20 lakhs. Entities required to obtain GST registration as per regulations must file for GST registration within 30 days from the date on which the entity became liable for obtaining GST registration.

The list of documents required for GST registration of different type of businesses are different. For example Private Limited, LLP, OPC all have different set of documents. Given below are documents required for GST registration for each of the business entity type.

1. Documents required for GST for Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd), Public Company (limited company) and One person company (OPC):

 – List of Documents of the Company

  • PAN card of the company
  • Registration Certificate of the company
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) /Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Copy of Bank Statement
  • Declaration to comply with the provisions
  • Copy of Board resolution

– List of Documents of Directors of the Company

  • PAN and ID proof of directors

– List of Documents of companies Registered Office

  • Rental Agreement (if the premise is rented) or Proof of ownership (if the premise are owned)
  • No objection certificate of the owner
  • Utility Bill Copy such as electricity bill/landline telephone bill

2. Documents required for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP):

 – List of Documents of the LLP

  • PAN card of the LLP
  • Registration Certificate of the LLP
  • LLP Partnership agreement
  • Copy of Bank Statement of the LLP
  • Declaration to comply with the provisions
  • Copy of Board resolution

 – List of Documents of Designated Partners of LLP

  • PAN and ID proof of designated partners

– List of Documents of companies Registered Office

  • Rental Agreement (if the premise is rented) or Proof of ownership (if the premise are owned)
  • No objection certificate of the owner
  • Utility Bill Copy such as electricity bill/landline telephone bill

3. Documents required for Partnership Firms

 – List of Documents of Partnership firm

  • PAN card of the Partnership
  • Partnership Deed
  • Copy of Bank Statement
  • Declaration to comply with the provisions

 -List of Documents of Partners

  • PAN and ID proof of designated partners

 – List of Documents of Registered Office

  • Rental Agreement (if the premise is rented) or Proof of ownership (if the premise are owned)
  • No objection certificate of the owner
  • Utility Bill Copy such as electricity bill/landline telephone bill

4. Documents required for Sole proprietorship/Individual

    – Individual’s documents

  • PAN card and ID proof of the individual.
  • Copy of Cancelled cheque or bank statement.
  • Declaration to comply with the provisions.

– List of Documents of Registered Office

  • Rental Agreement (if the premise is rented) or Proof of ownership (if the premise are owned)
  • No objection certificate of the owner
  • Utility Bill Copy such as electricity bill/landline telephone bill

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How to get a Virtual Phone Number in Bangalore

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that are programmed to forward incoming calls to any number of the pre-set telephone numbers.


A virtual phone number is one of the most popular features of any virtual office solutions. Start-up businesses get a professional image when they have a professional address and a local phone number. Subscribing for a Virtual phone in Bangalore will get you a local number in the city, even when you are sitting in some other part of the country.

Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley. Best localities to open your office in Bangalore are Indiranagar and Koramangala. Most of start-up companies begin their journey from Bangalore. Spacelance is offering virtual phone numbers in Bangalore at affordable rates. Along with call forward, virtual phone numbers also offers features like live call answering, voice mail, company welcome greetings, IVR menu and so on.

By Virtual Phone number we can make and receive calls while keeping your personal number private. Say goodbye to busy tones and engaged tones when your customers call. With so many parallel channels, we can handle any call volume with no call waiting. You can also track all customer calls with our live call history feature coming free with your virtual number. Also, get detailed reports of your business calls online and via email. A virtual number comes along with an IVR that helps you map departments and agents using extensions. There is an optional feature for call recording on your number. This will allow you to listen to the older conversations for lifetime to do quality assurance etc.

One advantage of virtual phone is that you don’t need to be physically present in Bangalore. You can work from anywhere, but still show your presence in Bangalore. You don’t have to be at your office desk to answer phone calls and fax from clients when you have a virtual office in Bangalore. The best feature of a virtual phone system is that it saves you time and money.

With the vast number of benefits that if offers at such a low cost, a virtual phone system is what you need to put your new business on the success path.

Spacelance offers affordable virtual office plans with virtual phone number in Bangalore. Call us +9 80 250 43000 or +91 94000 31100 to get more details.

Virtual Office – Save Money on your Business

If you are thinking of turning over a new leaf and starting a new virtual office or turning your current business into a virtual space, you can significantly reduce your business costs. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process when you go virtual, and you just may find other advantages to your new situation. Nowadays, many businesses are solely virtual and have erased heavy fees from their accounting books. By turning your business into a virtual one, you can save money on a variety of items that might have been keeping you from moving forward and being more successful. Here are three ways that a virtual office can reduce your business costs.

[ File # csp11207245, License # 2096538 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement (https://www.canstockphoto.comlegal.php) (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / nan104

Imagine the money you will save when you work from home and have a virtual office that you can sign into from anywhere. Unless you need space for employees to work in-house, you don’t need to rent an office space. Better yet, you could outsource all of your employees or hire a team of freelancers. You can also reduce costs on items like office supplies and office furniture.

If you are working virtually and if you are not spending an hour driving to work every day, you will save a lot of money on filling your tank every week. Some of the best features about turning your business into a virtual one is that your commute will only last a few seconds, you can leave your suit and tie in the closet, and you can stop worrying about office politics.

Projecting your home address as your office address also does not give a good first impression to your customers. Most of the customers want to spend their hard-earned money only with well-established businesses. So, even if you are beginner, it is important to project that you are established in your business area.

Virtual offices are the answer to all new entrepreneurs and small businesses that are planning to begin their business in Bangalore in a professional manner.

When you decide to go virtual, be sure to check out all the extras you can get in a virtual office package such as call handling, receptionist services, a virtual address, quality virtual meeting room facilities and more. You will have more time to focus on your sales and marketing issues if you have extra help with inbound calls and messages. Time is money in business, and the same goes for a virtual office space.

Are you considering turning your office into a virtual space? Remember that you can also make your business appear larger and more established than it actually is! Making the decision to go virtual isn’t as scary as you would think, and it can be quite simple and painless if it’s done with the right assistance from virtual office providers. Imagine the amount of stress you will reduce when you only have to sign in to your office from your computer every day. Finally, if you choose to go virtual and have a family of your own, working at home will provide you with more quality time with your loved ones, instead of wasting that time commuting.

How to get a Virtual Office in Bangalore


A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access. A virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space.

Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. Finding a workspace in Bangalore is becoming quite difficult. But now enjoy all the benefits of an office in Bangalore without the actual office space.

Spacelance is now offering you virtual office solutions in Bangalore at the most affordable prices. This is the best opportunity for IT startups, freelancers, NRI businesses and student entrepreneurs.

Starting a new business is always a risk. With virtual office space in Bangalore you get all the advantages of having a real office space without having to pay even half of what you would have to pay as office rental charges in Bangalore.

Getting a virtual office in Bangalore means a virtual address, virtual phone number, virtual fax number, live reception and much more without the problem of conventional office costs.

Virtual office facilities must include premium office address for your business cards, receptionist services to take care of your business calls, handling of your physical mails, virtual fax services, and cheque deposit services.

Virtual office addresses help young entrepreneurs to save money before they start making profits from their new business. Virtual offices are now really popular in all other major Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

A virtual office set-up is that it helps companies to cuts costs for office space and maintenance. Employees also can save money for travel and spend more quality time on their work. Working mothers and housewives can work from home and make their earnings with the help of such virtual offices.

Virtual offices in India have also expanded the horizon of business. Now, the common man can also turn their ideas to business without getting worried about the cost of infrastructure and technology. The choice for hiring employees can also be widened when physical location is not a limitation.

You can search, compare and buy the best virtual office plan that suits you through our site, Use the free trial offer to test our services, before you spend any money.

How to get a Virtual Address in Bangalore

How would you like to expand your business horizon to Bangalore without spending money for rent and staff? A virtual office is your best bet!



A virtual office offers you the benefits of an office environment and a virtual address in Bangalore without actually renting the physical space. Having a virtual address in Bangalore gives your business a professional touch and this is why virtual office concept is becoming very common in the city. You can use the virtual address for company registration, GST registration etc.

A key benefit of virtual office space is the professional address. Your address can be used on all your business correspondence and mail, which will reassure your customers and build trust. Plus, our efficient post forwarding service means you’ll always get your mail on time.

One major attraction there’s no office lease, no utility payments, no hardware and none of the associated costs that come with having a brick-and-mortar space. All that savings can not only be passed along to clients, but it also affects your profit margin, allowing you to invest more in your people

The market of your product is too small when you are restricting yourself to a particular location. If you can set up virtual offices in all major cities like Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, your customer base becomes much larger. Renting out physical office spaces in so many locations is not feasible for small companies. By simply having a virtual address and phone number in all major cities, you can increase the market reach for your product.

Along with virtual address and virtual phone number, most of the virtual office providers offer personalized reception services, virtual fax and mail handling in Bangalore.

With a virtual office in Bangalore, you get all the advantages of an office in the city without the actual office space.

As the virtual office concept is getting very popular in all major cities of India, Bangalore is also not an exception as there are several virtual office providers coming up in the city. Now you can easily impress your clients with office addresses in several parts of the country by using the concept of virtual addresses.

Advantages of Virtual Address for your Business

Business and its methods have changed countless times throughout the centuries, but one thing has always remained consistent: professionalism is everything. And what’s the most important element in professionalism? A quality image borne of a good first impression. Especially for small businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having the right image to present to customers is the difference between success and struggle. A virtual office allows you to offer this picture of perfection, with all the best features you could want, all while actually working from home.

It is not sensible to use your home address for the office address for a large number of reasons. With the virtual office solutions that are available now, it is possible to now choose a proper office address for your business.

Here some advantages of having a virtual address for your business are as follows.

  • Proffessional Address :

Having a real business address adds credibility to your business. Your customers will trust you more when you have a real office address on your site and business cards.

  • Availability :

When you have a virtual address, there is always someone available to greet your customers when they may want to visit your office.

  • Postal Mail Forwarding :

You have someone present at this address to collect your official mail and packages even when you are traveling.

  • Conference rooms to meet with clients :

Most often, there is also a common meeting place for such virtual office solutions. It is much more professional than holding your official meetings in a cafe.

  • Furnished office spaces :

The visitors or clients will be walking into a furnished office space that gives even a small business owner, a good professional look and feel.

It’s very important to present your company well to the clients. If you are having a meeting with your clients in a totally unprofessional place, you will look really unorganized as a business. When you cannot afford a permanent office address, you can go for virtual office address by companies like Spacelance as they are so much cheaper and even more professional.

For every penny you save on using virtual office space, you can invest it in growing and expanding your business. That’s why we think the biggest benefit of virtual office spaces is not having to worry about rent, bills, insurance and maintenance. So everything you save can be put towards making your business a success.

A working office address is very important, no matter how small your business is. The overall success of the business often depends on such small things and you must not ignore the significance of a credible office address for the growth of your business.

Shared Office Space in Bangalore

Nowadays there are plenty of small businesses and startups coming up in Bangalore. The expenses for running an office in Bangalore are becoming too high. Rental expenses, the employee salary expenses and the general office running costs, particularly in a large city like Bangalore are all a burden for a small business that has not started generating profits yet.

Struggling to get the office space as per your need of workstations and bound to adjust with larger or smaller spaces, the idea of virtual offices will help to reduce the expenses to run a small time business.


Shared office space provides the best possible shape and support for startups from ideation, forming the company till becoming a viable business. Shared office spaces and virtual offices are very common in cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

The virtual office solution is like a shared workspace in Bangalore for your business. Though you do not get an actual office space, you get all the advantages of having a real office space without having to pay even half of what you would have to pay as office rental charges in Bangalore.


When you choose a virtual office, make sure they also offer you shared meeting rooms in Bangalore where you can meet your clients or customers. Meeting clients in a coffee shop or restaurant is going to affect your business badly as this often affects the credibility of your business.



Virtual office providers in Bangalore are now also offering shared conference rooms in Bangalore for business owners who want to hold professional meetings with clients, partners or employees. Even when you are a startup, it is important to hold business meetings once in a while and holding such meetings in a professional conference room will greatly increase your business value.

As client meetings are becoming really common these days, even for small businesses and startups, virtual office services will be the best to facilitate such needs. offers conference rooms with facilities such as projector, video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Coffee machine and very low daily or hourly rentals.

These rooms can be used for training as well. It can comfortably accommodate 15-20 people. Laptop with projection will help your students see the training slides in a bigger screen. Air conditioned hall give them comfort. They can make use of the pantry to have some snacks during break. They do not have to go out, so save time on refreshments.

Call us to get details about the Conference room facility. +91 94000 31100. or send an email to

Tips for Excellent Customer Service

Great customer  service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. Focusing on delivering customer service will benefit your business in a number or ways. By delivering strong customer service, you making use of the effective marketing tool known as word-of-mouth advertising. Here are few tips that can help you.

Be available 24/7:

It is important for customer service to be available 24/7. You have to be present and accessible at any time. This does not essentially mean that you need a 24/7 call center, but you must at least have an email service which will be answered within 24 hours.

Respect each customer specially:

Even if you hear the same complaint over and over again, each customer should be treated special. How each customer feels about a problem will vary and so do not always respond with automated answers.

Clear Enunciation:

The ability to understand what someone is saying on the phone separates a productive conversation from one filled with tension.

Be ready to learn from your customers:

If you are able to treat each complaint as an advice and learn from it, your business will be able to succeed in the long run. If your customers feel that you have made changes because of their suggestions, they will trust you more.

Be understanding:

No customer wants to deal with an unenthusiastic employee. So make sure your employees are understanding to the needs of the customers and help them well.

Knowledge of the Product:

The best forward-facing employees in your company will work on having a deep knowledge of how your product works.


Customers are not always familiar with your company’s policies or procedures. Thoroughly explain to customers what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A clear understanding tends to decrease customer frustration.

Make things simple:

Don’t confuse your customers with jargons. Keep everything simple and remember that your customer does not know those terms as well as you do.

Keep your staff trained:

Your staff has to be trained well on the aspects of your business and they must know how to respond to each customer. If your customer service executive is confused about your business, your customer is confused and may decide to leave.

Quality Business Centre-A Virtual office in Bangalore

Bangalore : Bangalore is now #1 state in India for entrepreneurship with many new entrepreneurs emerging every day. However, business setup cost is skyrocketing especially in Bangalore . But you can now open an Business Centre-A Virtual office in Bangalore, by investing just nothing, thanks to Spacelance Virtual Office Solution.

“Spacelance is providing an affordable office space solution for start-ups like us. Bangalore is the best city for home-based businesses. Many NRI entrepreneurs and students are setting up their own business in Bangalore.


Many companies offer virtual offices. But quality and reliability is #1 priority in selecting the provider. With a cloud-based platform, Spacelance is the #1 choice for Virtual and Serviced Offices in Bangalore. You can operate your business remotely and still show their presence in the city.

Get a prestigious address in Bangalore, a dedicated Landline number with a Bangalore STD code, a Bangalore-Fax number, a shared Live Receptionist to answer and forward your customer calls and mail handling and office support facilities etc in less than an hour.

Spacelance Basic plan starts at just Rs.1000 per month, which includes a virtual address and mail handling services. The Standard plan is Rs.2000 per month which gives an additional dedicated virtual phone and fax number. The Ultimate plan, priced at Rs.3000 per month, gives everything in Basic and Standard plans along with a Live Receptionist and office support facilities.

With Spacelance Virtual Phone number, you have a bangalore number with no hardware and hassles of landline connection. Answer the calls wherever you are with smart call forwarding. You will have access to all your call history for lifetime. So never miss a business lead. The service also allows setting up a customized welcome greeting or an automated menu at your virtual number with your company name before redirecting the call to you. So even if you are small start-up company you can project a Big company image in front of your clients and competitors.

Spacelance also offers “Smart Space”. Anyone can rent the fully air conditioned space with all facilities like High speed internet, Wifi, projector, white board, printer, copier etc. for your Customer Meetings, Team Discussions, Interviews, Board Meetings, Product Demos, Product Launch, Training etc.

According to a report in November 2012, over 27,000 businesses use virtual offices in India and the requirement is estimated to increase at a rapid pace of up to 300 percent every year.

Spacelance is currently focusing on providing the service in Bangalore and has plans to expand its services to other cities in India.

Rent Video Conferencing facility for Interviews in Bangalore,India



Video conferencing has become very common in India and especially Bangalore’s business. A video conference is a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication.

Bangalore is a highly educated and talented state with many human resources looking for higher education or jobs abroad. Multi-national companies from various metro cities in India like Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta etc. are looking for candidates from Bangalore. Now employers who want to conduct in-person interview from Bangalore don’t have to spent huge bucks on 2 way air tickets and hotel accommodation for candidates, thanks to Spacelance premium VC facility in Bangalore. Reliance Video Conferencing facility in Bangalore was leading facility earlier.

If you are looking for an HD Videoconferencing from Bangalore, Spacelance’s Bangalore video conferencing rental facility is conveniently located in Bangalore. We offer Video Conferencing (VC) service for all your needs. You can get a videoconference room rented hourly or daily basis. If you are looking for longer term, we can install and make operational video conferencing system at your facility.

Spacelance Virtual Office Solutions, which specialises in providing Smart work space in Bangalore , offers broad range of products and services of the highest quality and security to its customers. Since 2012, Spacelance has been successfully delivering audio and video conferencing services to international and local companies, as well as private and corporate accounts ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to big size enterprise companies in a diverse range of market verticals all over the world.

Spacelance’s award-winning solutions for virtual meetings have been connected worldwide in the vertical markets of distance learning, government, corporate, telemedicine, and others.

We have vast years of experience and commitment to its customers in these verticals is unmatched in the industry. Spacelance also offer easy accessibility webcasting solutions in which any meeting can be broadcast live or archived over the Internet.We also provide a suite of managed services to meet all the voice and video needs of its broad array of loyal customers.

We use the latest devices like Polycom HD cam and reliable IP based bridge with high speed leased line which deliver you crystal clear, uninterrupted video and audio both direction. We also offer point to point connectivity if you just need to call a party directly.

If your voice and video needs have expanded beyond point-to-point communications, you don’t need to buy and manage a multipoint control unit. You can use our Videoconference Bridging Services to expand your capability.

Our network expands to 60 other locations in India and coming soon to other international cities like Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco (USA).