Benefits of Virtual Office and Conference room in Kochi

There are so many rising entrepreneurs and small businesses in Kochi now. Most of these small businesses will look out for cost-saving alternatives to run their business until they start making profits out of their business. One of the major expenses when you are starting your business in Kochi is the cost of infrastructure and manpower. The office rent in cochin is rising by the day and it is becoming almost impossible for a small business to flourish without a large starting capital. One of the best solutions to this is virtual office solutions.

A virtual office space is a physical office space that is shared by many companies most of which are startups and small businesses. In most cases, there is no real office space allotted to you in such an office space. However, you can rent their shared meeting rooms and conference rooms to hold your client meetings.

It is very important to have a proper professional address in Kochi for your business. Using your home addrtess as the office address often kills the credibility of your business to your clients. Similaryly meeting your clients at home or a café is never a professional option. You need a professional meeting place with all modern facilities at affordable rates. This is offered by virtual office providers in Kochi.

To give a professional look and feel to your business in Kochi at the minimal rates, the best option is to use virtual office solutions. When you choose your virtual office provider, make sure you choose one that suits your needs well. You must definitely get access to a fully sophisticated meeting room and conference room as and when required. This is usually provided at an extra rent.

With a reputed virtual office provider, you get a prestigious office address in the business center of the city and also a dedicated phone number for your company. In the higher plans, they will also offer your virtual receptionist services where a receptionist will answer your customer call in your company’s name. The call is transferred to you only if she is unable to handle the call.

Now there are numerous companies offering virtual office solutions. Virtual office concept is comparatively a new idea in Kochi now. However, the idea is catching up fast among the young entrepreneurs in the city now.

How to Rent a Virtual Office Address in Kochi

Starting a new business in Kochi is really an expensive affair today. You can always operate your business from home, but credibility of your business will work better if you use a proper address in the city. Customers will have a better impression of your business if you use a prestigious office address on your site and card. A business telephone number is also very important for the growth of your business.

Virtual office solutions offer all these services at very reasonable rates. The main idea of a virtual office is a shared office space where more than one company works. Such a virtual office will not offer you physical working space but offer all facilities like a proper address in the city, local telephone number and receptionist services.

The concept of virtual office is only starting to get popular in Cochin. You can rent a virtual office in Cochin by following the steps below.

Check out Google for the reputed virtual office providers in Cochin. A proper virtual office provider will have a professional site and their site will provide you details of all their services. The best virtual office providers also offer you free trials on all their plans. This way you can test their services before you buy them.

You must find out about the different packages that are offered by the virtual office provider. Most of the basic plans will include only a virtual address. You get the other facilities like virtual phone number and receptionist services only when you choose the higher plans.

The telephone number that is being offered to you must be a dedicated telephone number. You must also check and confirm that the address provided by the company is a prestigious one.
Choose the plan that suits your business best. Don’t forget to ask about all the services offered under your plan.

You must also confirm the payment terms and conditions.

You must provide the details of your business like your company name, the company pan card details and your contact details.

The best virtual office providers in Kochi also offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms which you can use to meet your clients. The rent for the conference room or meeting room is usually not included within the package. You can use it as and when you require the facility.

After you sign up for virtual office address, provide this address to all your customers and the mail received at this address will be forwarded to your personal address by the virtual office provider.

Why should a Business use Virtual Office?

The rising cost of renting physical office space in the city is preventing many entrepreneurs from starting their business in Kochi. This is the reason why virtual offices are becoming really popular in the city now. A virtual office offers all the benefits of having an office without the actual office space. You get a virtual address, virtual phone number and receptionist services without spending money individually on all these.
Business Center in Cochin
Most of the virtual offices that are available now start with ‘address only’ packages, which offer only a virtual address and mail forwarding services. The higher packages include other services like virtual phone number and receptionist services. Some of the best virtual office providers also offer other facilities like access to meeting rooms and conference rooms at nominal rates.

One of the first reasons why small businesses and entrepreneurs go for virtual office solutions is the price. It is much cheaper to use virtual office service than renting office space in Kochi. Such a solution is often the driver for startup and small businesses.

Working from home is a widely accepted concept now. However, though working from home is a convenient concept, using your home address as your office address is not very professional. It is not very easy to prove the credibility of your business to clients without a proper business address and an office landline number.

When you choose a good virtual office provider, they will work alongside you to maintain your business standards.

You can use receptionist services for your customers who seek the basic information about your company. The virtual receptionist will answer your customer call in your company’s name and forward it to you only if she cannot handle the call.

You must make sure to use virtual office providers that offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms in Kochi. Renting shared conference rooms in Kochi is becoming really expensive now and holding your client meetings in a café or restaurant will kill the first impression of your company. Use virtual office solutions to build a professional impression to your startup business.

How a Virtual Office Receptionist can help your Business?

When you are planning to start your own company, one of the first things that would come to your mind is about how you are going to handle your customer calls? You must keep your customers happy to build your business. To keep clients happy, it is quite important to have a human receptionist answering their calls.

The best answer to this is using a virtual receptionist service. Such a receptionist will answer your calls and will transfer the calls to you if she cannot handle it.


For a new business, it will be expensive to rent an office in Kochi and employ a full time receptionist. For such people, a virtual receptionist would work perfectly well.

Such receptionist services are also ideal for lawyers who are almost always on the go and cannot handle phone calls all the time.

A virtual office assistant will not just answer your calls. They will also forward the calls to you or to voice mails specifically tailored for your customers.

When you are out of office, you can efficiently use the virtual receptionist service to answer your customer calls. The receptionist can take down any important messages from the customer and then forward them to you.


No matter how you use your virtual office services, it is guaranteed to leave a better impression on your customers. Being greeted by a nice friendly human is always better than by boring machines.

Most of the popular virtual office providers in Cochin also offer shared meeting rooms and conference rooms where you can meet your customers once in a while.

How to find office space for your business

After you have decided to start an office in Cochin, you have to search for several options that are available. Do you require a full time office or would a shared office suffice? This is one of the first decisions you have to make when you are planning to start your office in the city.

Renting an office in Kochi is now a really big expense. If you don’t have full time staff and can operate from anywhere, then virtual office solutions would be the best option for you.


Though the concept of virtual office is fairly new to Cochin, it is a fast growing idea now. A virtual office is the most cost-effective choice for entrepreneurs and new businesses. With virtual office solutions, you can enjoy all the benefits of having an office without the actual office space.

When you use a virtual office plan, you get a prestigious business address in the city, a local telephone number and receptionist services. Most of the reputed virtual office providers in Cochin also offer mail handling and cheque depositing services. Your client can courier their cheque to the virtual address and your virtual office provider will forward it to your personal address. Having a business address is very important for proving the credibility of your business to your customers.

One another important aspect you have to look at before you choose your virtual office provider is if they are offering shared meeting rooms and conference rooms on rent in Kochi. This could be really useful for you when you want to meet some clients or hold a meeting with your partners. Having a professional place to meet with all modern amenities is definitely going to increase the class of your business to your clients.

Check online to find the best virtual office providers in Kochi and choose the one that suits you economically.

Shared Office Space in Kochi

Shared office space is becoming very important for all the entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business in Cochin. Such a service slows several businesses to share office solutions at a competitive rate. The new businesses, which cannot afford to spend a lot of money to rent an office in Cochin, can depend on virtual office solutions to meet their requirements.

When you are planning to rent virtual office in Kochi, you must check several things.


The cost is one of the most important criterion that you must check. Though there are several virtual office providers, you must choose the one that offers you the best service at an affordable rate. The affordability must not compromise on the quality of service offered. If you are looking for a shared office space that you need to use daily, then you must look for such options. If you do not require an everyday office, but just shared meeting rooms and conference rooms once in a while, then it is best to go for such options.

A shared meeting room in Kochi for meeting your clients once in a while is quite necessary even when you are just a start-up business. Some of the business people would also require conference room facilities at affordable rate meeting with clients.


Amenities are very necessary part when you choose a share meeting space or shared conference room in Cochin. You must choose one that has all modern facilities like video conferencing and other equipment included within your rental fee.

Before you choose your virtual office space, make a visit to the office and check out the facilities offered within the meeting rooms and conference room. Choose the one that suits your business needs completely.

The Importance of Virtual Phone for your Start-up Business

Have you been thinking of whether you must use a virtual phone number for your business? You must definitely use one. A virtual phone number is very important for your new business.

Some people think using a virtual phone number and virtual receptionist to handle customer calls is a waste of money. They feel that attending calls is not such a huge task and can be managed easily. The main advantage is that virtual office providers provide the service very efficiently. They don’t simply screen calls for you, they will also transfer them if necessary.


So many advantages can be enjoyed if you hire a virtual phone service company. Your customer calls will be professionally handled. This is going to help you get more customers in the long run. Another advantage is that you don’t have to deal with the customer calls that concern the common queries. These can be handled directly by the virtual receptionist. You have to spend your time on the call only if the receptionist cannot handle it. This means less bother on your part because you do not have to repeat saying the same things over and over again to your prospective customers. This will lead to minimal increase in your business’ operational costs.


So many companies are offering virtual office services in India today. A virtual office in Kochi is a fairly new concept, but the idea is picking up really fast. Look for credible companies that can meet your needs. Check online to find the best listed virtual office providers in Cochin. You must also ensure that they have other facilities like conference rooms and shared meeting rooms in Cochin.

Benefits of Using Shared Office Space in Kochi

Due to the ever-changing economic conditions, it is no longer appropriate for an entrepreneur or small business to start offices in good locations of the city without properly testing the business waters. Kochi is growing very fast and the rental charges for office spaces in Cochin are skyrocketing.

Virtual office solutions are the best option for any kind of business that wants to test the business feasibility of the area before renting out an expensive office here.

There are so many advantages of using share offices in Kochi. Some of them are as follows.

Save on the overhead expenses: Did you know that renting out an office in Cochin can cost you as much Rs. 10000 per month? How nice it would be if you could cut this expense in the initial stages of your business. This is where the concept of virtual office wins. The virtual office setup comes with an address in a prestigious location, a local telephone number and virtual receptionist services. Most of the virtual office providers also offer shared conference rooms or meeting rooms.

It offers a better location: You can always have your home address as the office address. However, this will not give a professional outlook to your business setup. A virtual office space also offers shared meeting rooms in Kochi where you can meet up with your clients or hold interviews at very affordable rates.

You don’t need to hire a full time receptionist: At least one office staff would be required to run your business. You can cut the salary of this receptionist from your list of expenses by using the services of a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist will be working for several clients. The receptionist in the virtual office will first answer your customer calls in your company’s name and then forward the call to your personal number only if she cannot handle the call by herself.

Get a fully equipped conference room: Suppose you want to hold a video conferencing session with your major clients in USA. You no longer have to set up an expensive office setup to hold your meetings. You can use the shared conference rooms in Cochin, which will be equipped with all modern facilities to hold your meetings.

Rent Shared Meeting Rooms in Cochin

The increasing demand of meeting rooms in Kochi has also massively increased the rental rates for hotel meeting rooms and business spaces in Kochi. This is the main reason why shared meeting rooms and conference rooms are becoming very popular in the city now.

The number of entrepreneurs starting their ventures in the city is increasing day and day. For these small businesses, it is often impossible to rent the expensive conference or meeting rooms in hotels in Kochi. The best option for such small businesses is to use shared meeting rooms in Kochi with virtual office providers like Spacelance.


There are several advantages for using shared meeting rooms in Cochin. Some of them are as follows.

You need to pay only as per usage.

Shared meeting rooms mean that you need to pay only when you are using them. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are not going to have meetings every now and then. Therefore, it would not be sensible to spend money on renting actual office space for holding your meetings. Office rent in Kochi is increasing day and day and virtual office solutions are the best option for those who want to save money and still run their business prestigiously.

It will be well equipped with all facilities:

Technology is very expensive these days. However, it is also not possible to run a business without the latest technology. The shared meeting rooms provided by popular virtual office providers will have all the latest facilities needed to hold a meeting like video conferencing facilities, telephone connectivity, projectors and screens along with complete internet connectivity. Video conferencing with clients can often save you lot of money.

You also get office support services:

Virtual office solutions are perfect for all business who don’t want to spend an awful lot of money for hiring employees and renting physical office space. The virtual address, virtual telephone number and virtual receptionist services are all you need to get along professionally in your initial days.

Leave a good first impression:

It is important to give your customers a good impression about your company if you want to get their business. For this, it is now becoming very important to hold meetings in professional meeting rooms and office spaces. Virtual office solutions offer you all this at very affordable rates.


Most importantly, it saves you a lot of money:

Shared meeting spaces in Kochi really save you a lot of money. The virtual office shared meeting rooms are always fully furnished and you don’t have to spend anything for physical office space.

Now that you know about how shared office spaces in Cochin can help, why delay? Start your account with a virtual office provider today and book a shared conference room for your next meeting. This is one wise investment that your competitors are making, so don’t lag behind!

Rent Meeting Rooms in Cochin

According to market statistics, shared meeting rooms are a real blessing to all the entrepreneurs. Any kind of business will need a place to meet their clients. Meeting in coffee shops and restaurants is no longer an option when you can rent shared meeting rooms for your meetings.

Though the concept of virtual office is still new to businesses in Cochin, the requirement of shared meeting rooms has always been there. When there were no virtual office services, businesses either have to hold their meeting in expensive hotel conference rooms in Cochin or in small coffee shops or other eateries in the city.


Entrepreneurs would find renting hotel conference rooms an expensive option and hence they had to opt for other places. Meeting up clients in restaurants or coffee shops cannot give a good first impression about your business to the client. You don’t look legitimate when you don’t even have a proper place to hold a meeting.

Shared conference rooms in Kochi are definitely going to help all those entrepreneurs who are looking for meeting places in the city. Spacelance is now offering these facilities with their virtual office solutions at affordable rates.

If you are meeting more than 4 or 5 people at a time, you can use the conference room facility. Otherwise, the shared meeting rooms in Cochin are an excellent option for holding interviews or meeting clients.

Such shared conference rooms can also serve as a place to hold occasional trainings and other sessions for your employees. You can allow your employees to work from home and then use such meeting places to hold weekly meetings for reviews.


The rising demand for office spaces in Kochi has sky-rocketed the rent for buildings in Cochin. The most sensible option for an entrepreneur or small business head is to use virtual office solutions for all your office needs in Kochi.