Virtual Office – Basic Questions Answered

Virtual office concept is catching up really fast in Cochin. It is becoming a very important ingredient to the success of an online business or an entrepreneur. Nowadays having a professional business address is becoming a requisite to any kind of business. This is why virtual address is becoming very important for businesses today.

There are plenty of young entrepreneurs and home based businesses in Cochin now. To present their customers with a more professional outlook, such businesses cannot afford to rent a physical space and conduct their office there. For giving a professional look and feel to their customers, they now pay for a virtual address in Cochin.


While some of them require only a virtual address, there are others who need facilities like virtual phone number, shared conference spaces and shared meeting rooms along with a virtual office address. Did you know that you can even have a virtual receptionist who can handle your calls in a professional manner with the help of virtual office services?

A virtual address is not the same as having an office of your own. In this case, you don’t have to pay for the rent of an office space in Cochin. You get a shared office space at a much cheaper price from the virtual office providers.

The more expensive packages also include other facilities like shared meeting rooms, conference rooms, virtual receptionist services and dedicated virtual phone numbers.

Who should have a virtual address?

Virtual address is very important now for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just stepping in to their business and need to save some money before they start their own office. Home based businesses in Cochin will also require virtual office services.

Why is a virtual office useful?

Your business needs credibility and a professional outlook to impress your customers. Also, using virtual office solutions are always much cheaper than paying for and maintaining your own physical space. Another advantage of virtual addresses is that you can use them to expand your business to new cities. If you are based in Bangalore, for example, then you can test the waters in Cochin with a virtual office address before you have your won branch in the city.


You must choose virtual office providers like Spacelance, which offer much more than just an address and telephone number at the most affordable rates.

Make sure you look over the terms of your agreement before you pay for an address, especially if you are also paying for additional services like a shared meeting room in Cochin and a virtual assistant.

Virtual Office in Cochin – How it helps?

Virtual office concept is still in a budding stage in Cochin. Most of us still don’t understand how a virtual office in Cochin can help our business.

So, why do we need a virtual address and local phone number? We can always operate our business from home and use our personal number for client calls. After all we are an online business and all we really need is an internet connection and some computers.


This is wrong notion that most of the budding entrepreneurs have in the initial stages of their business. Yes, we do need to save our money in the initial stages of our business and renting a physical office space would really not be practical. This is why we must start depending on virtual offices for our business needs.

A prestigious address in the city where you are doing business is actually very important for the credibility of your business. You clients will always feel better when they spend money on a company that is professional.

When you use a virtual office setup, you are actually using a shared office space in Cochin with several other companies. The main advantage is that you get all the benefits of a physical office space without the overhead charges.

A local phone number is also always more reliable than a mobile phone number. Your home telephone number has the disadvantage that you have to be always present to attend your client calls. Everything could get confusing as your personal calls would also be coming to the same number. At a lesser price than setting up another official telephone number, you can sign up for a virtual phone number.

You can also have a virtual receptionist employed to attend the calls made to this number. By ‘virtual’ receptionist, we mean that the receptionist is not your full time employees. They are the employees of the virtual office service provider.


One major advantage of using the services of a virtual receptionist is that you can save the money that have to be otherwise spent on the employee’s salary and other utility bills. By having a virtual receptionist to handle your calls, you can become more productive as you can focus your time and energy on improving your business and not for running it.

Having a virtual office in Kochi is indeed a blessing to all the new entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to set their business footprint in Kochi.

Most of the virtual offices in the city also provide shared conference room in Kochi. This is an added advantage to business people who want to hold occasional meetings with their clients.

Conference Room in Cochin

If you are you looking for a conference room in Cochin, you are at the right place. Any business in Cochin needs a place for Board meetings, Client meetings, Conferences, Training and so on.

You may need all the modern facilities in these meeting or event. For example, a digital projector that can be connected to your laptop for projecting your business presentation slide is inevitable in a meeting. Some of your attendees are from other countries. So you may need a video conferencing facility for them to join remotely. In other case, you may also need an audio conference call bridge with a polycom conference phone. In the middle of session, your attendees need to take a coffee break. So need a coffee machine and bottled water available for them as and when needed. An Air Conditioned room for your attendee’s comfort.
But the challenge is to maintain a professional place like this for the whole year. Businesses are running at very low margin these days. Most of them can no afford to have these facilities permanently when the meetings are only one or two times a month or seasonal in an year.

That is where a shared conference room in Cochin with all international standard and modern facilities come into picture. You may be able to rent these meeting rooms on a shared basis. So you get a convenient place to meet when you need it. is the leading provider of shared office spaces, virtual offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms in Cochin.

Spacelance virtual office is conveniently located in Civil Line Road in Kakkand, Cochin. It’s easily accessible from Cochin International Airport via Seaport – Airport Road or from NH47 from Palarivattom. There is ample parking available in the building for your guests.

You can book your time slots online and just show up in our office. Your conference room will be ready.

Our conference rooms will have 24X7 power with generator and UPS backup. So you will never have a power failure during a session. Our services are for businesses like start ups, NRI businesses, exporters, educational institutes and so on.

Shared Office Space in Cochin

The expenses for running an office in Cochin are becoming too high now for small businesses and startups. This should however not be a turndown for people who are interested in starting their business in Cochin.

This fast emerging IT city is now the main lookout for all kinds of businesses. Big and medium businesses that are planning to start a branch office here and the startups that are planning to begin their venture here have a good news. They can make use of virtual office facilities in Kochi.


Though shared office spaces and virtual offices are very common in other cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, it is relatively a new concept in Cochin. However, many startups would have thought about how economical it would be, if they could find a shared office space in Cochin at least in their initial stages.

Now, virtual offices are becoming widely accepted in Cochin. When you choose a virtual office, make sure they also offer you shared meeting rooms in Cochin where you can meet your clients or customers. Meeting clients in a coffee shop or restaurant is going to affect your business badly as this often affets the credibility of your business.

Instead hold your meetings in a professional space. It will definitely going to boost your business. Even if you operate from your home office, this will help your business look like a well established one.

Suppose you already own an office space. Setting up your conference room with all the modern facilities is definitely not a viable solution if you don’t need need it frequently. This will cost you a lot of money and if you are not going to use it on daily basis, this would be a wastage of resources for you. In such cases, you can find shared conference room in Cochin with virtual office facilities absolutely useful.


A virtual office with conference room will have every facility that you need and have to be paid for only when you actually need it.

As client meetings are becoming really common these days, even for small businesses and startups, virtual office services will be the best to facilitate such needs. offers conference rooms with facilities such as projector, video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Coffee machine and very low daily or hourly rentals. They are conveniently located on Civil Line road in Kakkanad, which is accessible easily from any other hub of Ernakulam like Kaloor, MG Road, Ravipuram, Palarivattom, Vyttila and also Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery Airport).

These rooms can be used for your training as well. It can comfortably accommodate 15-20 people. Laptop with projection will help your students see the training slides in a bigger screen. Air conditioned hall give them comfort. They can make use of the pantry to have some snacks during break. They do not have to go out , so save time on refreshments.

Call them to get details about the Conference room facility. +91 94000 31100. or send an email to

Find Conference Rooms in Cochin

Even if you have only a small business or startup, you may want to hold conferences and meetings frequently. Your company could be using a small office room for your business. However, meeting your clients should happen in a professional location and that would make your business look more credible.


If you do not have your own conference room facility, then you can rent a conference room in Cochin. It is always better to have a professional meeting with your clients or partners in a centrally located meeting hall, which will make it easy for your clients to attend. In Cochin, key areas people conduct meetings and conferences are Kakkanad, Palarivattom, Kaloor, Vyttila, Edappally, Trikkakara and so on. These places are easily accessible by car or public transportation. Also its close to Infopark, Sepz. Seport-airport road which connects Nedumbassery International Airport passes though Kakkanad.

Even if you have a small conference room facility, it is better to rent a professional conference room with all facilities and equipments. When you Rent a Conference Room, make sure it has all modern facilities like Projector, Laptops, Air Conditioning, Coffee Machine, Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing etc.

It could also save you a lot of money to rent conference rooms in Cochin without actually having to rent a physical office space. The virtual office in Cochin like Spacelance is also offering conference room and meeting room facilities for their clients.

Of course, most of the small companies and startups in Cochin may not have facilities to hold corporate meetings, Board meeting, and client meetings. For such cases, it is important that a rented conference room in Cochin.

Trying to hold a meeting with your clients in a small office space or a cafe could give a wrong impression to your clients regarding the credibility of your business. This would definitely affect your business in a bad way.


It is not possible that you are going to have meetings with clients every week. So it would not make sense to actually rent a big office space to hold such meetings. The charges would not be reasonable and it would be difficult for a small businesses to manage. In such cases, it is best to use the conference room facilities that is offered by virtual office in Cochin. Spacelance conference rooms are nicely maintained with state of the art facilities and the professional atmosphere itself would make your clients feel impressed about your business. Online Booking are available at reasonable rate.

Shared Conference Room in Cochin

If you are doing business in Kerala and want to focus on it in this competitive environment, getting a shared office in Cochin would be an option for you. The idea of virtual offices, which are already popular in other countries, is now available in Cochin as well. Once you come to know how much money you can save for your business, you will definitely love it. Virtual office providers are also offering shared meeting rooms, conference rooms and board rooms and so on.

When you opt for a shared office spaces in Cochin, the office can be started immediately and all the associated overhead of renting an office also an be eliminated.


Sharing office space is one of the most effective ways to save money if you are planning to start an office in Cochin.

The advantages of shared office are not limited to infrastructure and fittings. As you know, human resource is very expensive these days. Shared office space providers like Spacelance is offering live office receptionists who can handle your customer calls and thus you will have more hands on deck at minimal expenses. You can also conduct your meetings at a professional address, close to prime locations such as Kakkanad, Palarivattom, Edappally which are well connected to Bus station, train stations and Cochin International Airport. If you have international visitors, they can arrive at this location conveniently without entering city traffic.

As you expand your business, shared offices or virtual offices are a perfect way to spread out your horizon without having to relocate.

Suppose you want to hold a meeting with your client on a very important matter. Where will you meet them? It is most probable that you are going to decide a restaurant or coffee bar for the purpose. However, when you use such places for holding client meetings, your legitimacy, credibility and professionalism of your business will be questioned.


Shared office spaces like Spacelance also offer conference rooms in Cochin. You can rent a shared conference room for a couple of hours or the whole day and get your meeting done in a professional space. Holding a meeting in a professional conference room facility will give your clients a good impression of your business.

These facilities will have all features such as Conference table and Chairs, Projector, Video conferencing, audio conferencing and so on.

You can now rent a meeting room in Cochin at minimal rates from

Hiring Tips for Startups in Kochi, Kerala

It is very important for a startup company to hire the right employees. You must have good team in the beginning who can help to shape up the business. Proper Hiring is thus one of the main steps of a startup company.

Cochin is a new hub for start-ups. But employees are reluctant to work for startups as they don’t know the future of the business. Every one want to work in multi-nationals like infosys, TCS, Wipro, Earnst and Young etc. All of them has development centers in Cochin, Kerala. But employees don’t get the exposure in working with big companies. Especially in Cochin, Kerala where the technology resources mainly in areas of PHP, Open source, Java, .Net . they can easily find a job with big companies. So small and start-up companies can not compete with big companies on Salaries and benefits.

The most important point that you have to remember when you hire employees is that the people you choose must have the aptitude to keep learning new things. The freshers are the best people to employ in a startup company as the most ambitious and competent candidates are not likely to stay in a job where they cannot find enough challenges.


Here are some of the basic points that you have to keep in mind when hiring new people to your startup company.

You have to be role specific: Hire the person in question only if he/she fits the role in your company. You cannot afford to hire someone just because you are impressed with the person. For this, you have to be very clear about the role that the new employee has to perform and make sure you write it down and explain it to the candidate well.

Give the candidate a good idea of the company: Explain the nature of your business and your future potential to the candidate. Remember that when you are a startup company, the job aspirant will also be evaluating your company while you evaluate him/her.

Provide the right information: You have to be honest to the candidates. Tell them about the current strength of the company and all the information that they require for making their decision. For a startup company, more than expertise, other qualities like initiative to do things, resourcefulness and cost consciousness.


Ask for references: Ask your candidates for at least five references and make sure you talk to all of them before you make your decision.

You must take enough time: Make sure you choose carefully. Don’t make a rush to things and choose someone who is not suitable for your job. This would be a big mistake, especially for a startup company.

Latest Trends Indian Entrepreneurs must follow in 2013

Startups have to be ready for big changes in 2013. Several changes are going to come about in this year and young entrepreneurs will need to keep the upcoming trends in mind when they are starting their business. Some of the major trends that startups will have to follow in 2013 are as follows.


Choose optional financing strategies: There are several alternative funding options like Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending sites, Credit Funds are now available for young startups in India, and these can be used for increasing their business.

Keep ahead with the latest technologies: It is very important that entrepreneurs keep themselves aware of the upcoming technologies in the market. It would be a good idea to tech advisors for providing your business with up to date IT related information.

Find talented employees: An entrepreneur will not be able to pay a salary as big as the already established companies. It is best for startups to look for employees with skills that can be developed.
Keep your organization young: Provide students with opportunities that can help them learn about the associated risks and opportunities when running a business.


Keep yourself active in Social Media networks: You have to popularize yourself through social media networks like Facebook. This is the best media to advertise your business to your new generation customers.

The Best Industries for Indian Startups in 2013

Startup companies are becoming really popular in Cochin now. New startup companies are coming up every day and most of them are also able to create a niche for themselves in the market.

Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs were not well supported in the state. The Kerala government has in fact introduced many economic policies favoring entrepreneurship development in this year.

When you are planning a startup business, you need not always have an idea. The ideas can come up on the basis of requirements in the market. Flipkart came up when Sachin and Binny Bansal found out the scope of an e-commerce site for the Indian market.

Here is a list of hotspots that entrepreneurs can venture into in 2013, according to Forbes.

Translation services: The global tech market is in immediate need of translation services for the IT market. Though the current requirement is mainly for German and Spanish translators, soon there will be a need for other language translators as well.


TV and Home Theater Installation Services: When young graduates are being paid really well, they look forward to buying all the latest gadgets in the market every now and then. Though there are people for selling the products, the retailers would love to have someone who can deliver and setup the devices for the customers. When these services are offered at a competitive price, retailers can use this as a cost cutting technique as they will not have to spend their resources on this service for customers


Travel Agencies: Though several portals like Makemytrip and GoIbibo.Com have already established themselves in this market, the requirement of such services is still very high in the Indian market. People really don’t want to spend their precious time for booking train tickets and bus tickets and this is where entrepreneurs can make a business.

IT Security Consulting: As the companies start spending more and more money on technology, online security is becoming a very important aspect and this is why the requirement for IT security services will keep growing at a very fast rate.


Digital Forensic Services: Computer Forensics is becoming a big requirement and it deals with the legal evidence that is found in computers and other digital media.


Online shoe stores: Though ecommerce stores are plenty in the country now, there is still scope for new ventures in this industry. People will keep looking for better deals and for the brands that they want.


Virtual Data rooms: Online data sharing is becoming very common these days as such services help to increase the trust of the services offered.


Social network game development: The exponential growth in the Smartphone market has also resulted in a steep increase of the active user base in social media networks. Social media games are a top hotspot in such networks. Interesting games available online are going to find user any day. Developing 3D online games is the need of the hour and startups can invest in this area to find themselves in a gold mine, if successful.

Using Virtual Address in Kochi to cut costs

By using a virtual office in Kochi, you can start your own business in the city without having to pay for the associated overhead costs. Several benefits come with using virtual office solutions in Kochi.

Having a prestigious address is very important for increasing the reliability of your business. By using a virtual office address, you can enjoy the benefits of such an address without renting your own premises. Such virtual offices can be chosen in all major cities of India and you can use this to impress your current and prospective clients.


It is very important to have a meeting place for your clients. Meeting them in coffee shops and restaurants is not a really professional idea. You can use the conference room facilities in virtual offices to meet your client. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for an entire office, just to get access to a conference room or meeting place.

You can be flexible when you are using virtual office solutions. You can be in any part of the country while your customer calls get attended and forwarded to you if necessary by virtual office receptionist.

You can relax and do all your general office duties like preparing records for trials, planning out marketing strategies and drafting different documents by sitting in the comfort of your home.

In most of the businesses and start-ups, hiring a receptionist for your office would be necessary. By using a virtual office receptionist, you can save the money that you have to spend on salary for a dedicated employee.


Even if you are travelling and have to receive an urgent official mail, someone at your virtual office address will be able to collect it and forward it to your address when you are back. Such services are offered with almost every virtual office provider.